Bad Mothers

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Looks a little ordinary IMO, all Nine’s dramas have the same look and feel about them.

It doesn’t help that their most overexposed actress Mandy McElhinney features in this also.

And don’t get me started on that ridiculous overdone voiceover :roll_eyes:


that and the GFX with the bloody lens flare, all makes every Nine show blend into each other.


Starts Monday 11 February 9pm.


Place your bets on whether it starts 9, 9.10, 9.15…


This show has been heavily promoted during the tennis.I’ll watch it out of curiosity to see if I like it but sounds to me like a rip off of “Big Little Lies”.


It is just a terribly unoriginal name. The premise doesn’t sound bad, but it doesn’t sound unfamiliar either.


Nothing in the promos entices me to watch. I feel like I have seen the show on Channel 9 already, numerous times over the year.


I have to agree that the name of the show is terrible. I also agree that show is too similar to Big Little Lies and the promo looks like lots of other shows we’ve already seen from Nine.


Bad Mothers premieres Monday, 11 February after Married At First Sight.


As mentioned by @Richo above.

Not my type of show but I think it will have incredible momentum especially with MAFS pulling big numbers.


Sorry I did not see that or expect it to be announced that early. It looks rushed to air and over the top. None of the performances in the promos look all that ‘high quality’ either.


Typical Nine promo quality, as expected (Biggest Drama event of the year or something like that).

It will rate though, considering it taps into the same demos as MAFS, which is absolutely smashing it.


I read in TVT newsletter BM has been held for a little while longer…

Anyway something I’ve been wanting to raise for a while now, when a certain show is given much publicity and hype, especially one with good credentials/production values, is it not at the expense of the show when it it pushed back and back and so forth?

That is the longer we wait and networks keep telling porkies, the less inclined viewers become and lose interest, to the detriment of a show?

An example:

Remember “Reef Doctors” on 10 with Lisa McCun?

It was one of the most protracted shows to get to air, I swear it was first announced way back in 2010? Set for late 2011… Never happened. 2012… Never happened. It took until some time in 2013 to finally get to air (and I had early on looked forward to it) and because of all the waiting and newer shows coming out in the mean time, people didn’t care, it absolutely bombed on a Sunday night and aired in some day time kids slot or a multi-channel.

(It was actually a Jonathan M Schiff production so not surprised adults didn’t get around it tbh)


I’m sure those things might have contributed to its failure but it had more to do with the fact that it wasn’t very good.


Remember it’s timeslot as well? 6:30 Sunday’s.


Yes it was appallingly bad. That’s why they held it.



Premieres Monday 18 February at 9.00pm

Australia’s delicious new drama, Bad Mothers , premieres on Monday, February 18, at 9.00pm after Married at First Sight on Nine and 9Now.

Some mothers seem to have it all. Beautiful homes, the perfect family life and successful careers. But sometimes behind that pristine picket fence there’s a world of dirty little secrets.

Bad Mothers explores the perils and joys of modern motherhood through the lives of five very different friends as they struggle to deal with everything from careers and romance, to playdates and murder.

Sarah’s perfect life as a GP, wife and mother is shattered when she discovers her husband is having an affair. Then her best friend is found murdered and Sarah’s husband, Anton, is arrested.

She finds unlikely sisterhood and support in a ragtag group of outsiders. Buoyed by their support, Sarah is drawn into the chaotic worlds of her new friends: Danielle, an outgoing woman at a career crossroads; Bindy, a wild child party animal; and Maddie, a fierce single mum struggling with a difficult child and an acrimonious custody dispute.

An outstanding ensemble cast stars in the series: Melissa George (Charlotte), Tess Haubrich (Sarah), Mandy McElhinney (Maddie), Jessica Tovey (Danielle), Shalom Brune-Franklin (Bindy), Daniel MacPherson (Anton), Don Hany (Kyle), Steve Bastoni (Tom) and Michala Banas (Jesse).

Bad Mothers , from Filthy Productions and Jungle Entertainment, was filmed in Melbourne, with principal funding from Screen Australia in association with Film Victoria and support from Create NSW.


Why did they push the premiere back?


For a three way tussle: Bad Mothers vs DWTS vs Instant Hotel


The Promo photo looks like they have sought inspiration from Season 2 of Desperate Housewives, very much lacking any originality.