Australian Survivor

The Tribe Huffed And Puffed But No Torch Was Snuffed.

Nina and Gerry Head to Survivor Isolation In Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains.

Just when we thought there had been enough twists and turns this season, tonight’s Tribal Council was dropped on us.

Emotions were running high after Simon decided to ruffle some feathers by calling out ‘pawns’ Gerry and Matt, for playing George’s game rather than their own. Although annoying for the tribemates to hear, the conversation acted as a wakeup call to Matt, who decided he needed to make a big move – this move being on his mate George.

At Immunity, it was the classic Hand On An Idol challenge. It was down to allies Gerry and Matt, where Matt took out the win, proving he can balance best on some tricky looking stumps.

Without the Immunity Necklace, Simon went into overdrive trying to save himself, but Liz was not keen to hear it and was desperate to take him out. Simon received a lifeline from Matt, who wanted to take out George, but that hit a roadblock when Matt tried to get his pal Gerry across the line. George got a whiff of his name being thrown around, and then orchestrated the tribe to vote on Simon or Nina instead, claiming that if his allies were at war with each other, they wouldn’t be at war with him. He tricked Nina into voting for Gerry, and it all got a bit messy when Nina mentioned this in front of his ally Matt. George, Simon, Gerry and Nina’s names were flying around the Tribe – and we were left wondering where the votes would actually land.

At Tribal Council, it was tense with fake alliances and broken promises all around. But before the votes were read, host Jonathan LaPaglia revealed tonight was a little different, with no one being sent home, but instead, the two players with the highest number of votes would be going into Survivor Isolation. The two would be housed in an area at camp, away from the rest of the tribe. They would need to rely on their tribemates for food, water, and information until the next Tribal Council. Plus, they wouldn’t be competing in the next day’s challenge, meaning they had no shot at Immunity. All the votes go to Nina, with only her vote going to Gerry, with both being sent off to isolation.

So frustrating watching episodes knowing if the contestants themselves don’t stuff up a plan the producers will veto it anyway.

OK, George didn’t benefit today but they’ve probably held back this twist to the last possible point they could justify it ahead of the final 5. Also surely Matt should be immune tomorrow too considering he was told he was guaranteed a one in five shot of winning after the immunity challenge.

But didn’t he say the person who gets out of exile will get immunity too? I think they’re plan backfired and you watch George wiggle his way out like finding an idol or something

Short promo tonight says applications are now open for the next season.

His Name Was Drawn, But He Was No Pawn.

Simon Mee Eliminated From Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains.

It was another night full of fake smiles and broken promises, with a new favourite sent to Jury Villa.

After Monday night’s Tribal Council twist, Gerry and Nina were stuck in isolation for 24 hours. Both Gerry and Nina were seething when they learnt they had been deceived as part of the game, and together, they had one common enemy: George. Simon picked his moment to walk over to isolation and suggested this could be the perfect opportunity for the three of them to turn on George. But in the cover of darkness, George was listening in to the entire conversation.

In the morning, George tried to do some damage control with Gerry, but Nina uses this to get Gerry on her side.

Later, at the Immunity Challenge, it was neck and neck between Simon and Matt, but ultimately Matt won the necklace yet again.

George, Matt and Liz confirmed that tonight needed to be another split vote on Simon and Nina – just like last night was supposed to be. For the first time in a long time George included Simon in on the strategy talk and Simon couldn’t be happier. Despite what he said to Nina and Gerry, Simon confirmed he was going to vote for Nina.

George and Matt head over to isolation to confirm the plan – even though Nina could hear everything. And Gerry was still seemingly left on the fence after George and Matt leave. Matt returned soon after, and Gerry asked him if he would consider blindsiding George with Nina. Matt was stunned, and the three of them discussed the options they had.

According to George, tonight’s Tribal Council was about rebuilding trust with his alliance and sticking with the plan, but tensions were through the roof. Simon doubled down on his theory that Matt, Gerry and Liz are just ‘pawns’ in Puppet Master George’s game. Gerry took offence and made his most powerful statement at Tribal Council yet, saying he has learnt so much from George as a mentor, coach and true friend, and is nobody’s pawn. Nina whispered to Simon “I don’t think he’s voting for George”. The vote revealed her suspicions were correct and it was a tie between Nina and Simon. On the revote, Simon was unanimously voted out.

To hear from Simon on his exit, click here.

Once again the casting call goes out before the theme is announced. Most of the applicants will not fit the criteria, and will waste their time.

On the Facebook group there seems to be a lot of support for an Aus vs. USA season.

Will the Australia v USA season be shown on CBS?

Doubtful if it’s an Australian production.

10 really need to do two season per year. Perhaps shorten the episode run for each.


Simon, the best worst player ever on The Project tonight.

Do you think Jonathan goaded him into his little speech that ultimately got him eliminated?

I think Simon was always the target; last night. They played it safe with the split vote then all went to Simon when he didn’t have an idol fake or otherwise.


One Less Ashore, And We Are At Our Final Four.

Nina Twine Eliminated From Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains.

It was Day 43 and the final five woke up to a breakfast of muffins and coffee on the beach.

It didn’t stay that wholesome for long, with George, Gerry and Matt set on voting out Nina and making the top three together, and Liz trying to make amends with Nina to vote Matt out. Liz decided to work on rebuilding the Jacuzzi Alliance with her, Nina, and George, even though she was cautious of George after he betrayed her in blindsiding Shonee. After appealing to his emotions, George seemed to agree to vote on Matt.

At the Immunity Challenge, Matt and Nina jostled to take on Liz throughout the course, but she steamed ahead and took out the win.

We then watched as the remaining players worked their social gameplay to try and make it through tonight’s Tribal Council. Liz was wary of how close George and Gerry are, so reminded George that he needed to think with his head not his emotions; and it was time to pull the trigger to get Gerry’s pal Matt out. Nina knew she was at bottom of the Tribe, so was working at being saved by the Jacuzzi Alliance. George was going to either vote with Gerry and Matt to get Nina out, or Liz and Nina to get Matt out.

At Tribal Council, you could cut the tension with a knife. Nina described her uphill battle against the Vigilante Alliance. Liz and Matt called each other out as challenge beasts and George was pushed to explain how that affected his decision of who to take forward in the game. When George said he had been the captain of the ship, Gerry countered that there had been no real captain in the alliance, and George quickly conceded. But Nina called it how she saw it, saying that the alliance had a leader and it is not Gerry. After saying he had also been the biggest threat, she realised she had spoken a little too much.

We were left on the edge of our seat, wondering where George’s vote would land, and evidently, he thought it was Nina’s time to leave. Nina, the Princess of Survivor, received the most amount of votes and was sent to Jury Villa. As she exited, she warned Liz not to sit next to George. And we were then left with our final four players.

To hear from Nina on her exit, click here.

I didn’t see the point of the Media Watch story last night on product placement on Survivor. Was the show 2 minutes short? They ran almost the same story 2 years ago , then also featuring KFC and a car as prize. Hardly seemed worthy of a repeat considering how common the technique is across commercial TV.

Odd to single out Survivor tbh… have they watched The Block it is basically a 12 week long advertisement for all the sponsors.


Even MAFS we have seen them get deliveries from DoorDash multiple times this season. In previous seasons you would regularly see them drinking YouFoodz juices as well.

Then of course Australian Idol has mentioned Tim Tam’s numerous times, even last night Harry Connick Jr was doing the Tim Tam slam with a shoey.

They are all product placements from sponsors.


Yeah I think if they’re trying to do a story about product placement in reality shows, Survivor is a really odd one to single out? It’d make sense if it was about it in general and it looked at other shows on atm as well. But a piece solely about Survivor product placement is a bit odd…
The Set for Life reward was a bit of an eye roll moment to me ngl. Got a bit of a giggle everytime it’s mentioned though because they have to bring up that disclaimer.

Agree really odd to flag it when it’s been fairly low key - restricted to a handful of reward challenges at most. The only odd thing I’ve found is everytime a contestant mentioned Geroge winning $60k they had to say he won it via Set for Life - complete with the disclaimer but felt like it may have been refilmed each time to get the reference in.

twist after twist to keep George in. :roll_eyes: