Australian Public Holiday Discussion

Would this include big-name stores like Woolworths for example?

It’s not a big deal to keep big retailers shut for the whole day but then again I think the current arrangement where they didn’t open util 1pm was fine.


Big name stores like Woolworths and Myer will be affected.

Here is the NSW Government press release:

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Going the other way to the convention in recent decades in opening up stores for the 24/7 economy.

This really feels like it’s pandering to the Shoppies and the RSL

Now to apply those same rules to
New Year’s Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Boxing Day etc.
let as many people as possible enjoy these holidays.
Why let the greed big business ruin our holidays.

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Won’t be happening given most of the people enjoy this day by shopping.


Most stores struggle to get staff wanting to work on these days.
They often have to resort to blackmailing/forcing casuals to work. I know this from the experience of family members & friends who work in some of our bigger stores.
It used to be the big post Boxing Day Sales. It wouldn’t be hard to revert to this again.
I just feel our public holidays should be respected.

Nah, we should be going the opposite way and abolishing good Friday as a public hol altogether. Highly religious holidays have no place in secular society. Definitely shouldn’t be forced on everyone, plenty of non-Christian retail workers would love the penalty rates if shops were open.

With the cost of living so high these days I’m sure retail workers would love that extra wage with penalty rates on Boxing Day. I think you’ll find demand higher than ever before for work.

No one is forcing any business to open on Public Holidays - even with these new restrictions, there is still a hell of a lot that can remain open.


I would prefer supermarkets be allowed to open on ANZAC Day but happy for other non essential retailers to be closed.


NSW should have similar to what SA have, the CBD can open on public holidays but all suburban shops are closed.

I’m sure they’re really concerned about the measly extra dollars their workers earn on a half day of work.

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lol, they can increase their pay rates to compensate if they are so concerned, as if…