Australian Postal Survey on Marriage Law

You’re not going to win everybody, especially with all those “hordes” of religious types in Western Sydney. Sarcasm intended.

So 38% don’t want gay marriage. Who cares? It had nothing to do with rights.

I’m fairly sure that the liberty to marry someone is a right, and currently a right denied to gay people. The plebiscite is intended to only find out public opinion on the matter, but its architect doesn’t support gay marriage, and that shouldn’t be forgotten.

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I have a suspicion that Sam Dastyari is either agnostic or an atheist. He describes himself as a ‘non-practicing Muslim’.

With the attitude of the Islamic culture towards apostates, I suspect there are many ‘closeted’ non-believers out there who simply can’t reveal what they truly believe, lest they be ostracized, or at worst - killed.

Ok, that was a misstatement. People can also be agnostic and be homophobic.

My point is: I’m not going to hate on Muslims specifically because they are Muslim. I (and hopefully others) will push back at homophobia in any community and not throw out babies with bathwater.

So we’ll take marriage away from you for no particular reason; how is that fair?

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This country also has religious freedoms and generally immigrants are very religious. Most religious leaders whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu were encouraging their followers to vote no, in a big way.

Julia Baird correctly bringing down certain Christian leaders who proclaim to speak for God.

Magda Szubanski’s statement on QandA that she will never be allowed to get married in the church was no doubt correct when speaking to the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney if referring to the diocese he leads, but she gave a blanket statement. However, if Magda so desires to get married in a church, after same-sex marriage is legal, there will be no shortage of churches that will accommodate her. Numerous independent christian community churches who have long been gay affirming will happily marry her, and guaranteed 100% that the Uniting Church will quickly be allowing same-sex marriages. If she could lure Rev Dr Francis Macnab, former minister of St Michael’s on Collins, out of retirement he may well be pleased to perform the wedding.

Macnab’s sermon in 2012 where he spoke against homophobia.

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Yes, the ACL does not represent all veins of Christianity.
As for Magda, my understanding is she’s deeply Catholic, can’t see them being as welcoming.
The current minister at St Michael’s is concerned the Uniting Church synod will need to rubber stamp SSM but won’t rush to do so, possibly relating any SSM until 2018.

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Stephen Colbert on Bob Katter. Terrible attempt at an Australian accent by Colbert.


It’s a shame he didn’t show how the panel reacted on Insiders after they played that clip.


THE bill to legalise same-sex marriage has passed the Senate today without any major changes.

In an emotional moment, the Senate passed the bill about lunchtime today, which means it will go to the House of Representatives next week for a final vote.

Vote was a huge 43-12


This could be passed by the HoR tomorrow… If Turnbull the Craven hadn’t delayed sitting

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there is much bigger issues to deal with than this.

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:roll_eyes: Like people getting killed by crocodiles, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No. Running the country.

Yes, well that’s exactly what they are doing. Running the country by passing laws.

I think you need to study how Parliament works before you start mouthing off about things you don’t understand.


To the percentage of the population that want to get married (and some have been waiting for over 60 years…) and have not been able to then this matter is over half a century overdue.

For the many gay Australians who died before this passes, it’s all too late.

I can’t think of a more important issue to our nation than equality and love for all citizens.


Except possibly for the royal wedding :crown: :wink:


The near half of the population of the Northern Territory who didn’t express an opinion on this would agree with that.