Australian Culture, Western Civilisation, Free Speech

A topic to post your knowledge/ views in a civil manner.

I’m very passionate about Australian history/culture, and the unique characteristics of Western Civilisation.

Fair dinkum! :wink:

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A good start to the conversation :smile:

And thus concluded the shortest thread in MediaSpy history

Is Murray a promoter of this:

But when they say “Western Civilsation” do they just mean “American Culture” which is pretty much already obliterating all the other cultures of the world and has been doing so for the past century?

Just have a look at the language and expressions in Australia which are being replaced by American ones or the way the nuances and unique aspects of Australian culture are disappearing. We are losing the things that other love about Australia which have been so different.


How have you come too this conclusion? What’s your stake in the education system?

And that is your problem right there. Listening to him.


Topic closed at the request of member who created it.

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