Australian Crime Stories

Karl Stefanovic (who is in the second last screencap) interviewed Dr Manock for 60 Minutes in 2011, which turned out to be the forensic pathologist’s last media interview.

Wednesday 21 October at 8.40pm

Ep 6. Attack On Police HQ

It’s the day terrorism came to Australia. A car packed with explosives brings death and destruction to Victoria’s Police HQ. Investigative reporter Adam Shand re-builds the case against the bombers and uncovers new information on the dark motivations that reined terror on the streets of Melbourne.

Wednesday 28 October at 8.40pm

The Chinese Takeaway

This is one of Australia’s most infamous bank robberies. In 1988, thieves broke into a bank in Chinatown, Sydney, from a neighbouring building and escaped with gold bars, rare coins, jewellery, and bundles of cash. In a world exclusive, we name the mastermind who got away with the loot and answer the big question that has long lingered. Was this an inside job?

The show moves to Tuesday 8.40pm as of tonight (November 10).

A Deadly Friendship

Jonathan Dick was one of Australia’s most wanted for more than two years after killing his brother with a sword in a Melbourne shopping centre. While on the run the fugitive tried to kill his former best friend, David Cammarata, who forcibly turned the tables on the killer and brought him to justice. This was a Deadly Friendship and despite Dick’s capture and incarceration, in a recent legal twist, he has been found not guilty of charges of murder, attempted murder and stalking, due to mental impairment. This means the nightmare may never end for the Cammarata family.

Tuesday 17 November at 8:30pm

The Queen of Con

Con artist Jody Harris had a thing for cops, bluffing her way into police stations and charming her way into their beds. The young grifter swindled many wary men and women, as she hustled her way up and down Australia’s eastern seaboard.

Season 4 premiere
Sydney and Brisbane - Wednesday, August 11 at 9.40pm
Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth – Thursday, August 12 at 8.30pm

Episode 1

Australian Crime Stories obtained exclusive access to the original case files to reveal how a major murder investigation was de-railed from the very beginning. We take a close look at the three main suspects, and we answer the most crucial question: Who ordered the killing of Juanita Nielsen?

Episode 2 - Wednesday August 18 (SYD/BRIS) / Thursday August 19 (MEL/ADEL/PER)

In 2013, 20-year-old Renae Marsden took her own life on the day a turbulent 18-month relationship ended. Following her death the story unfolded like a Hollywood thriller, but for the Marsden family it has been an all too real nightmare. Renae and her family had fallen victim to a cruel and deadly deception. This story that will have viewers questioning their faith in our legal system.

In an ACS exclusive, the Marsden family reveal the inside story of the lies and manipulation that led to Renae’s death and the aftermath where in a tragic twist, the law has been unable to bring Renae’s tormenter to justice.

Episode 3 Derek Percy The Face Of Evil

Sydney & Brisbane - Wednesday 25 August at 9.40pm

Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth - Thursday 26 August at 8.30pm

He’s been described as Australia’s Hannibal Lector, an opportunist killer, with unspeakable obsessions. Derek Percy was deemed too dangerous to be housed in a secure psychiatric facility, so he became the longest serving prison inmate in Australia’s history.

We talk to the men responsible for keeping him behind bars and ask them was Derek Percy insane or pure evil?

We examine just how many murders Percy may be responsible for, including the killing of the Beaumont children and we reveal the fate of the brave boy who brought Percy to justice.

Episode 4 Million Dollar Mystery

Sydney & Brisbane - Wednesday 1 September at 9.50pm

Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth - Thursday 2 September at 8.30pm

In 1994 twenty-two-year-old dancer and model, Revelle Balmain vanished. What really happened that night remains a mystery that continues to haunt her loved ones.

We re-trace Revelle’s final steps and discover the secret she held that could have played a part in her death. As Australian Crime Stories began research into Revelle’s disappearance and presumed murder, NSW Police called the production team into Police HQ to advise the case was under review, and a very significant development was imminent.

Police revealed this cold case was eminently solvable and announced a million-dollar reward for information that may lead to a conviction of Revelle’s killer or killers.

New related series coming later in 2023 from 2024 Upfronts


The team behind the international award-winning series Australian Crime Stories is back with a brand-new series in a brand-new format, Australian Crime Stories: The Investigators.

Told by the investigators themselves, each episode will focus on one case, highlighting the hard work, dedication and commitment investigators make in solving the toughest crimes of their careers.

Viewers will have unprecedented insights to all the twists and turns of these major investigations, from the moment the crime occurred to the final confession or conviction. As well as firsthand accounts from the investigators, we also hear from the families involved, plus journalists and authors who have closely followed these cases.


Australian Crime Stories: The Investigators starts Monday, November 20 at 9.05pm.




The international award-winning, true-crime series, Australian Crime Stories, returns for another season in a brand-new format on Monday, November 20, at 9.05pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

Told by the investigators themselves, ACS: The Investigators is lifting the lid on the personal case files of some of Australia’s greatest detectives.

Over six weeks, each episode will highlight the hard work, dedication and commitment investigators make in solving the toughest crimes of their careers, with unprecedented insights to all the twists and turns of these major investigations, from the moment the crime occurred to the final confession or conviction.

As well as firsthand accounts from the investigators, we hear from the families involved, plus journalists and authors who have closely followed these cases.

Dedicated to all police officers who protect and serve our community, ACS: The Investigators will share the greatest stories of determined and exceptional police work: the murder that seemed unsolvable; the crime king who seemed untouchable; and the psycho who seemed unstoppable.

ACS: The Investigators is produced by The Full Box for the 9Network.

Episode 1: JANE DOE

When the body of a young woman was found dumped in an industrial area in Sydney’s south in 1991, the odds were stacked against the lead investigator, Detective Mick Plotecki.

The victim had no identification on her, no dental or fingerprint records and no one had filed a missing-person report. The body was found three days after Christmas.

For four months, the woman remained in a morgue under the name ‘Jane Doe’. The eventual breakthrough rested on two key pieces of evidence: a bloodied fingerprint on newspaper discovered in her throat and a few stray dog hairs found on her.

Detective Plotecki shares first-hand account of the investigation, along with interviews with other key investigators, experts, and witnesses. We follow Mick and his team’s relentless work to discover the identity of the body and how they brought the murderer to justice.


Monday, November 20, at 8:40pm on Channel 9 and 9Now

ACS uncovers one of the most bizarre murder investigations in Australia’s history. Two women die in suspicious circumstances: coincidence or as their husband Thomas Keir describes it, just bad luck! Three years after Keir alleged his first wife, Jean, deserted him and their young son for another man, his second wife, Rosalina was found burning in their home, strangled on her bed. Arriving on the scene, Detective Peter Seymour was unsure if he was investigating with the world’s unluckiest husband or a serial wife killer.

While Keir was eventually found ‘not guilty’ of Rosalina murder, her death unlocked the mystery of Jeans disappearance. A subsequent police investigation lead to the discovery of seven small fragments of Jean’s bones - fingers, knuckles, and toes - buried deep under the same house in which Rosalina died. Keir’s ‘grieving husband’ act was suddenly in question.

We follow Peter’s relentless pursuit of justice, and his own family sacrifices, through the drama of the police investigation into Jean’s death, and the three trials, convictions, and appeals that would take fifteen years to reach their final conclusion.

ACS: The Investigators resumes on Nine on Wednesday April 3 at 9.10pm, with episode 4.

Australian Crime Stories: The Investigators

Returns form Wednesday 3 April at 9:10pm

Undercover - Part 1

This is the incredible true story of one of Queensland’s most decorated police officers, Keith Banks. We follow his journey into the world of drugs as an undercover operative in the 1980s, often alone and with no backup.

Wednesday 10 April at 9:10pm

Under the Gun - Part 2

While serving as an undercover cop Keith became used to a high octane lifestyle, living on his wits, and making my own decisions. He became cynical about the world around him and he didn’t know who to trust anymore.

So we’ve got both the normal ACS and Investigators in the same week?


Didn’t realise Keith Banks competed on the Australian version of The Traitors too.

Wednesday 17 April 09:00 pm

Print of Proof

We take viewers on a compelling journey through the intricate and enduring investigation of one of the most
enigmatic bank robbers in Australian history.