Australia’s Wild Odyssey

New for 2023

Australia’s Wild Odyssey follows the flow of water across the Australian continent to uncover the incredible connections that link all creatures on earth: from ants, to eagles to us. Over three dynamic episodes, this wildlife series sets out on a journey across the driest continent on earth – following the rain, rivers and underground aquifers as they transform and connect distant ecosystems. Each stop on the journey reveals a new piece of the ecological puzzle that connects organisms and ecosystems, creating a planet just right for us. Alongside passionate biologists and Traditional Owners, we reveal in awesome detail the surprising connections that allow life on earth to thrive. How can floods in the outback affect mountain possums 1000kms away? How do dingoes change the shape of desert sand dunes? How can a tiny crab help keep the earth’s atmosphere stable? Each story brings a new understanding of the natural functions that power our global life support systems, and the importance of preserving each piece of this complex web of life. This series is an epic adventure across Australia’s unique landscapes, and a love letter to the only planet we know that sustains life.

A Wild Pacific Media Production. Developed with the assistance of Screen Australia. Financed in association with Screen NSW. Producers in association with Arte France. Developed and Produced in association with the ABC. Executive Producers Electra Manikakis and Nick Robinson. Producers Peta Ayers, Nick Robinson, Electra Manikakis. ABC Manager, Documentaries Stephen Oliver.

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