Australia’s Most Identical

A brand new special event series, Australia’s Most Identical is the ultimate search for the nation’s most identical twins. Hosted by Scott Cam and Dr Jana Pittman, both parents of twins, this social investigation series will find and ultimately determine the nation’s most identical siblings. Through a series of scientific and entertaining challenges, 100 sets of twins will be put under the microscope until one pair is crowned Australia’s Most Identical. Australia’s leading “Twin Experts” Professor Sarah Wilson and Professor Jeff Craig will supervise and assess the results, in consultation with Twin Research Australia, which is based at the University of Melbourne. Delving into the unique and fascinating world of twins, Australia’s Most Identical will offer the most compelling and entertaining exploration of what it means to share your identity with someone else. Australia’s Most Identical is produced by HELIUM for the 9Network.

Coming to 2023

The concept sounds interesting.

A shame that Scott Cam is associated with this though.

Sounds boring and ridiculous to me like most projects Scott Cam is involved with.