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OK - I have a burning fashion question for tomorrow.

I am going to the Kings vs Adelaide game, and it’s Starlight wear purple round. BUT…

I picked up the City jersey AND got it customised at no extra charge.

So which one do I wear?

  • Purple Jersey
  • Black Jersey
  • Something else
  • Go in the nude
  • Who cares?

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Cut them in half and wear both.


Not an option.


Option 3 still shows a bit of purple.


You can borrow my Illawarra Hawks jersey if you like.


Purple is the traditional colour of the Sydney Kings. You should wear the purple.


The purple one - obviously



As an ex Falcons/Pirates fan and a Kings member - ewwwww.


Also…how many of you want to see Little Capitan out and about…you lot need help. :rofl:


Nah, just a microscope


Would’ve accepted magnifying glass, but I’ll pay that. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m wearing the purple jersey.


On behalf of everyone with sight, thank you


Do you need any help with any other wardrobe choices, ElCapitan? Boardies or Speedos? Boxers, briefs or commando?


You’re welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Boardies or speedos - boardies.
Boxers, briefs or commando - depends on the situation.

Does someone else have any questions with regards to something?


Yeah. Is the facial hair a fashion statement or did you join the Gillette boycott?


No…sheer laziness. I use Aldi razors.


I’ve got another burning fashion question.
School swimming carnival on Wednesday, house colour is yellow/gold.
Which one do I wear?

image30_2649b62d-3db9-4a4b-b402-e71803734ecb_large lakersjersey wallabiesjersey

  • Sydney Kings jersey
  • Socceroos jersey
  • Wallabies jersey
  • White and Gold Jets jersey
  • Gold Jets jersey
  • Australian cricket jersey
  • Los Angeles Lakers jersey
  • Something else
  • Go naked

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Should just go plain.


Flashback to primary school.

Yellow Banks
Red Bass
Green Cook
Blue Flinders