ARN Regional (formerly Grant Broadcasters)

Interesting thought. It definitely would have been true once upon a time but I don’t know how much it carrys now. Those frequencies have had a few format changes. There’s a big difference from Talk/Classic Hits to Rock/Classic Hits to CHR/Hot AC.

In Cairns, 102.7 was the #3 station in the 2017 ratings. I think Star’s current success is down to hit’s decline which started after the rebrand in 2016 and took a sharp turn south in 2021 following the networking of breakfast. Star is now rating where Hot FM (pre hit) used to be.


In Mackay, Star 101.9 was 4th in 2016-18 surveys. After Hit replaced its popular local breakfast duo with a networked show from Townsville, Star took the top spot in 2021-22 surveys after picking up the same local breakfast duo. However, in this year’s survey, Star fell back to 3rd place, with Hit & Triple M taking the top 2 spots.


Perhaps an unpopular opinion but I’m wondering if the demographic for the Power 100 format (25-39 males?) just aren’t in the sample of the survey as much as others who may be more reachable with the old landline phones and even bothering to pick up their mobiles from an unknown number etc.


Just wanted to make mention that 2/3 of Sarah, Mick and Johnno were absent this morning on 7HO, so Sarah was flying solo for the first time and has only learnt how to use the panel in the last couple of months. Sarah brought the audience along for the rocky ride and throughout all the mistakes this morning it was actually really great radio to listen to.


Did the star breakfast have a lineup change with the female going on maternity leave and not returning? Can’t remember.

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I’m 48 & the new format to me is “the same old”.
At least before you could hear Parkway Drive or Slipknot or Motionless in White.
Now they’re playing stuff like Meredith Brooks & Killing Heidi.
Probably making it more appealing for a broader audience


I am the same age also and have noticed that. About 4 months ago, they were sounding awesome. The day they went to Better Music And More Of It, they have really narrowed their play list compared to before. The current format is ok, but as you said above, at times they seem to play the same old same old.


No, it was the male co-host, Sam Blackers, that left at the end of 2021. He was replaced by Scotty who, together with Rach & Kaley, still managed to stay at #1 in the 2022 survey, albeit with a drop in audience share, both Overall & Breakfast.

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Love your chronologies @TV-Expert, as always, done all the hard work.


One half of Star 102.7’s Dave & Inkie breakfast team, Dave Warner, is finishing up on the station, with his last day to be on Friday 15th December.

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Poked in on a brief period of listening to Power 100 Townsville, and aside from enjoying it still sounding different to usual (they haven’t touched the music much yet, mercifully)… realising just how generic the network ARN liners are.

Yes they were spoken with slightly more vigour than say a WSFM, but to hear “Better Music And More Of It™” on a station that’s currently nearly as far removed from Pure Gold as you can get, just jarred my ears beyond belief.

You could tweak it for Power 100’s unique format - “louder rock and more of it”, perhaps - but then that’s extra trademark costs then, isn’t it, when the untouched liner “works” on anything. What is expenditure. :roll_eyes:


Playout problems on Hitz 93.3 tonight. Blank stereo carrier with occasional music cutting in for a fraction of a second. Station IDs playout ok though.

Strange night with 4GY FM and Coral Coast Community Radio also just blank carriers .

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