ARN Regional (formerly Grant Broadcasters)

Some changes at Hot Tomato with ex-Triple M Dubbo brekkie announcer Alo Baker returning to the GC but as brekkie anchor for Hot Tomato.

Alo replaces Christo who moves to the afternoon slot.

Simon Carey looks to no longer be part of the line-up. Any idea where he’s gone?

Also, has the 102.9 positioner always been, “The Gold Coast’s Best Music Variety”? Or is this a recent change? It just sounds like it has recently been reworded, but I could be wrong.

And looking at their website it looks like they’re adapting more red in their presentation - a further great clear point of difference to the SCA opposition.


River 94.9’s A-Z has concluded at around 5:40pm QLD time yesterday.

Looking at Lava this morning, River is back on the network log, so it appears that there is no change to the music on the station, at least not yet.


Imo, Power 100 is probably the best station in Australia when it comes to rock music - B-Rock a distant second. Makes Triple M look laughable. The fact that I can hear Motionless in White, Slipknot & Trivium on a commercial station in Townsville instead of nationwide is a great reflection on the state of things. Congrats to all up there kicking arse as always


It’s sad. Triple M is meant to be the biggest “rock” brand in the country, yet has the most basic rock playlist of them all.


does any know if the network log is still made in qld??? or is it made and rolled out somewhere else?