ARN Regional (formerly Grant Broadcasters)

Looking at Newcastle and you could argue it’s a resounding NO.


Hmm… Interesting article considering it is the same radio network that is networking major metro radio stations.


But also River is a bit unique in the ARN market - a solus fringe metro station that needs to avoid overlap with KIIS, I guess the potential market size is there to sustain that as well.


I’d imagine that some of the uniqueness of the circumstance helps with “live and local” being successful too - Ipswich is (and has) had its own identity for some time, but as urban sprawl creeps further west there is real potential for the loss of that identity to be replaced with the area simply being part of a greater Brisbane. Having a local station that focuses on the local element helps retain some of that identity.

You still need engaging content (music selection and/or on-air talent) when you’re live and local too.

Being an SEQ resident since the 80s I can tell you that happened long ago. Ipswich retains some local identity but on the whole it’s seen as a part of greater Brisbane. In fact most of the newer growth areas of Ipswich like Springfield and Ripley identify much more as just another part of Brisbane than Ipswich. It is only 40km from Ipswich centre to the Brisbane CBD, and only 29km from Springfield for example. These days it really has no more local identity than say Logan, Redlands or Moreton Bay.


Is JAM Nation still airing on River94.9? I thought they were also aired onto 4BH Brisbane - but I can’t find any mention of JAM Nation on either website.

Definitely hasn’t been airing on 4BH.