ARN acquisition of Southern Cross Austereo (pending approval)

So because one business is owned by multiple people, they think this will exclude them from the rules in place? makes sense!


No, each business is separate and owns 2 stations each, so no breach of the 2 station rule. Eg. In Melbourne

ARN own Triple M and KIIS
ACP own Gold and Fox

Don’t know how else to explain it.


Interesting that ARN wants to have the two lesser-performing Melbourne stations (3MMM and KIIS101.1).

I’d rather keep Gold and Fox.

That’s unless ARN rip out the talent as well.

Surely ACCC or similar could intervene if ARN are simply going to shift Christian O’Connell and Fifi, Fev & Dave over to 3MMM and KIIS and leave nothing for Anchorage.

From a business perspective, that’s a bit unfair.


Maybe they think K&J are going to transform KIIS Melbourne into a massive success :roll_eyes:


The ACCC would have absolutely zero interest in that. Less than zero. That’s between ARN and Anchorage in terms of their own agreements as part of the bid.


Why? That’s exactly what Austereo did in the 90’s when they purchased PMFM 92.9 and 94.5 from Jack Bendat. They gutted 96.1 Triple M and shifted much of their talent, primarily to 92.9. It is what it is. :man_shrugging:t2:


I might have missed something, but I’m surprised Nova Entertainment hasn’t had anything to say on this proposed deal, at least publicly, given their joint ventures on KIIS 97.3 and Nova 93.7.

There’s probably not much they can do about it of course, but it does alter the competitive environment they operate in. Assuming ACP aren’t going to be really “hands on” or even kind of “cooperate” with ARN it leaves Nova as a much more minor player in metro radio by comparison.

I do kinda get the feeling NE are a bit checked out at the moment… Maybe they’re also looking to offload/exit.

NE might look at expanding the Smooth brand into some regional markets, if ACP were willing to sell of course.

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Nothing has officially happened yet, so it’s very unlikely anything would be said until that happens, at least. And even then, no guarantee anything would be said publicly, as it’s a private business arrangement, even if the businesses are in the public eye.