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Apple TV Plus has cancelled Joseph Gordon Levitt’s Mr Corman after one season.


Good news for Daniel MacPherson, though his character may not make the second series given the structure and timespan of the series.

Who is she?

Happened to me twice.

CEO and co-founder of Girl Geek Academy

UPDATE 19/11: The Christmas special will premiere on December 3.


Yaya Gosselin (FBI: Most Wanted) will also have the co-lead role.

It will be the second 007 documentary to stream on AppleTV+ after Being James Bond, which was released in September (and shown on Nine in November).


Checked out a bit of the baseball on Apple TV+. No screenshots as the TV app blocks them, but it’s very clean with the San Francisco font and Apple design cues. I don’t know anything about baseball so no idea if the coverage is actually good.

Interesting they must be running ads in the US between innings; in Australia they have a ‘we’ll be right back’ screen.


Could you take a picture of your phone screen? I’m interested to see how an Apple sports broadcast looks (we may be seeing more of it in the future).

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The odds are horrific. I hope they are removed. That is terrible.
Otherwise its very Fox Sports Australia-esque.

Here’s someone’s opinion on the broadcast.
Where have we heard half these problems before…?:thinking::joy: (streaming issues especially)

It will strip the “groundbreaking” Prehistoric Planet over five nights, from May 23-27.

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Apple’s Slow Horses is an excellent watch. I’m really enjoying it.

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