Anh’s Brush with Fame

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###Anh’s Brush with Fame

From Wednesday 24 August at 8pm

Anh Do loves to paint portraits and he loves getting to know people. Premiering Wednesday August 24th at 8pm, the eight-part series, Anh’s Brush with Fame combines the two.

Australians love Anh Do for his comedy, his best-selling books and his work in film and TV, but not many know he’s also a passionate painter. In fact, Anh was a finalist in the 2014 Archibald Prize where he created a memorable and vivid portrait of his father.

In this series Anh gets up close and personal with a number of Australian celebrities as he paints their portrait. Signing up to sit in the chair are Amanda Keller, Jimmy Barnes, Magda Szubanski, Craig McLachlan, Anthony Mundine, Kyle Sandilands, Kate Ceberano and Dr Charlie Teo.

For Anh to do his best work as a portrait painter, he needs to find the soul of the person, so while painting, he digs deep into their psyche and discovers what makes them tick. As he talks through their life, childhood and formative years, along with the humour, Anh unearths their deepest darkest secrets. Our celebrities also share private and rare archival material, such as personal photos and videos, which further paints a very different picture of them.

It’s a journey for both the artist and his subject. As Anh chats to them and discovers more about their past, this affects the way he paints their portrait. He also bonds with them as they find they have shared experiences and hardships. It’s a cathartic, emotional ride between the two of them as they share laughter, tears and exclusive stories.

The emotional journey that Anh and his subject are on, leads to the final big reveal - when the celebrity finally gets to see their completed portrait. Will they like Anh’s version of them? It’s a dramatic moment of truth each time.
Anh’s Brush with Fame screens Wednesday 24 August at 8pm and on iview.

Production Credits: A Screentime Production. Producer Johnny Lowry. ABC Commissioning Editor Matt Scully.

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I’ve watched the past two weeks and have loved it so far ,it helps having well known celebrities.

Only got on to this show because of Gogglebox and it is absolutely fantastic. Dr Charlie Teo was great tonight.

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###Anh’s Brush with Fame Season 2

The much-loved Anh Do is back for another season of his hit, Anh’s Brush with Fame. The series will once again see Anh combine his passion for portrait painting with his love of getting to know interesting Australians. An accomplished painter, Anh searches for moments in the conversation to inspire him to accurately capture his subjects. All leads to the big reveal at the end when the guest gets to see how Anh has captured them on canvas.

Production credits: Screentime

Runs for: Ten x 30 min episodes on ABC TV and ABC iview

Coming to 2017

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###Anh’s Brush with Fame - Season 2

From Wednesday 12 April at 8:00pm

Beloved comedian, author and artist Anh Do returns with a second instalment of the hugely popular series Anh’s Brush with Fame, getting up close and personal with an exciting new line-up of popular Australian celebrities to paint their portrait. As Anh paints his guests, he chats to them to discover their history and what makes them tick, shaping the way he represents them.

ABC’s media release says Jessica Mauboy, Rosie Batty, Anthony Field and Megan Gale are the first guests for season 2 with six more to be announced.

Tonight’s opener reveals Ray Martin and Ian Thorpe to be guests on upcoming episodes. The first episode featuring Jessica Mauboy was excellent.


Ian Thorpe was this week’s guest. Upcoming subjecs are:
May 17: Ray Martin
May 24: Kurt Fearnley
May 31: Tina Arena
June 7: Jack Charles (Indigenous actor)
June 14: Dr. Fiona Wood

Do you have a source for this as it does not match the program guide from ABC e.g. 31 May is listed as a repeat and 7 June is Tina Arena.

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Actually, this weeks episode features Fiona Wood. Next Wednesday is the season final with Samuel Johnson.
They played repeats on Origin nights which in turn differed from the initial scheduling.


The painting of Samuel Johnson was probably the best one Anh has ever done. It looked awesome.



Anh’s portrait of Jack Charles is among the 42 finalists for this year’s Archibald Prize.

EDIT 4/10: the portrait has won this year’s Archibald Prize People’s Choice award.

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Season three, coming in 2018

Archibald People’s Choice award-winner, comedian and author Anh Do returns with the much-anticipated third season of Anh’s Brush With Fame, getting up close and personal with an exciting new line-up of Australian celebrities, to be announced soon.


Season 3

From Wednesday 18 July at 8pm


Anh Do returns to his painting studio with nine prominent Australians in the much-awaited third series of Anh’s Brush with Fame. The charismatic comedian, writer and portrait painter delves beyond the public faces of his well-known subjects to capture not only their likeness, but their spirit. Along the way, we learn the inspirational, unconventional and occasionally heartbreaking stories that have shaped their lives.

From wildlife conservationist Terri Irwin to London bombing survivor Gill Hicks, AFL legend Adam Goodes and popular broadcaster Carrie Bickmore, we learn that every journey is different and that everyone has a story to tell. Also featuring Munjed Al Muderis, John Williamson, Lauren Jackson, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki and Sigrid Thornton, Anh invites us to join him in an intimate and revealing conversation with some of our biggest names. But when it comes time to reveal their portrait, how will they react?

Episode 1 – Terri Irwin


Looking forward to the return always very interesting and revealing conversations on this show.

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2019 Up Fonts

Anh’s Brush with Fame, Series 4

Join Anh Do as he uses his passion for portrait painting to get to know some of Australia’s most intriguing personalities. In each episode, comedian and writer Anh takes his guests on a revelatory – often emotional – journey of discovery as they sit for a portrait. Anh’s challenge is to use this newfound knowledge to inform how he captures his guests on canvas. As they chat, Anh paints a portrait that is only revealed to the guest and the audience at the end of each episode. In series 4 of the hit ABC program, Anh meets 14 Australians with intriguing stories to tell.

Season 4

From Wednesday 17 April at 8pm

Lindy Chamberlain Creighton, Dannii Minogue & Michael Clarke sit for Anh in new season of Anh’s Brush with Fame

Anh’s Brush with Fame returns this April for a fourth series, packed with personal stories of beloved Australians

The ABC’s hugely popular, Logie-nominated series Anh’s Brush with Fame returns for a fourth series with 14 brand new episodes starting on ABC and ABC iview on Wednesday, 17 April at 8pm.

The beloved comedian, author and two-time Archibald Prize winning artist Anh Do returns to paint and interview a whole new line-up of extraordinary household names and personalities. New season guests include multi-disciplinary entertainers Tim Minchin, Dannii Minogue and Archie Roach, survivors of personal tragedy Lindy Chamberlain Creighton, Walter Mikac and Saroo Brierley, celebrated chef Kylie Kwong and Australian emergency medicine specialist Gordian Fulde.

In each episode Anh combines his artistic skills with his passion for conversation, getting to know his guest’s personal journey while capturing them on canvas. Anh’s sitters talk about their life, divulging meaningful anecdotes, and detailing their battles with life’s challenges, ultimately informing how Anh depicts them.

As Anh and his subject spend time together, our audiences share in the guest’s personal photos and videos and are rewarded with the big reveal of their portrait.

In this series, Anh will paint Michael Clarke, Lindy Chamberlain Creighton, Tim Minchin, Leah Purcell, Walter Mikac, Dannii Minogue, Alan Jones, Saroo Brierley, Deborah Hutton, Georgie Parker, Gordian Fulde, Kylie Kwong, David Wenham and Archie Roach.

Anh’s Brush with Fame screens Wednesdays at 8pm, starting on 17 April on the ABC and ABC iview.


Wednesday 17 April at 8:00pm

From the age of five, former Australian Cricket Captain Michael Clarke dreamt of playing for his country. He shares the personal stories behind the headlines that made him a polarizing poster boy of modern cricket. How will Anh capture his determination and schoolboy charm?

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