AM To FM Conversions

Goulburn gets ABC Local Radio from Orange, I think… Weird…


The local FM translators are Central West but 666 gets in very well there.

Gives them a choice of NSW statewide programming (the Country Hour especially) vs ABC Canberra content, both of which would be important in that area, depending on if you’re a local, on the land, and/or a CBR commuter.

ABC Illa makes sense in the Southern Highlands (as it does for 2ST) but wouldn’t make sense for the Tablelands, and the next regionals in that direction are either Orange or Wagga. I guess the market extends toward Crookwell which is closer to the former.


Even a 8/10 element yagi, specifically tuned to the frequency can’t receive the signal Mt Gillamatong?

Passed through Naracoorte today, no Triple M Mt Gambier relay there on 101.7 (I know there are mixed thoughts on whether there is meant to be or not).

100.9 SAFM is on air though, with RDS, and in car reception of both 90.5 Triple M and 96.1 SAFM from Mt Gambier seemed equally good.


The new TX site meant better coverage for that area, so we didn’t put in a translator for Triple M

Feedback has been pretty positive so far.


Good to know!


Positive feedback from Naracoorte yet in Mt Gambier, a member here posted that reception was noticeable less indoors than other FM stations and the former AM signal? Or perhaps a “deaf” radio by that person?


The latest FYSO for 2023-28, released today, details some progress on the AM-FM conversion for regional competitive markets (page 66-67 on the document).

Since the Draft FYSO 2023-28 released earlier this year:

  • Canberra (2CA & 2CC), Maryborough (Bendigo) (Gold CV) and Murwillumbah (Radio 97) had progressed to In-market licensee agreement.

  • Sale (Gold 1242) had provided Guidance Notes.

  • Only one AM commercial station in each of Bunbury & Toowoomba had expressed interest for an AM-FM conversion, with the former having submitted a B92 form for LAP variation. I would assume Triple M are the ones that are interested in converting to FM for both of those markets.


Gold CV can be heard on FM in Bendigo. does mean it plans to aboledge 1071 in favour of FM. what does in market licensee agreement mean?

That seems to be the case, yes. :slight_smile:

and in market licensee agreement means ???

I guess its that ACMA has either reached (or is in the process of) an agreement with the impacted licensees for conversion


Meanwhile, the Tamworth LAP Variation, which includes the proposed FM conversion of 2TM, has been finalised: Variation to Licence Area Plan – Tamworth Radio – 2023 (No. 1)


Interesting. Gee you would think if 4GR is seeking to convert in Toowoomba (as Triple M) that should put a rocket up BoG to push for 4WK/4AK as well - otherwise they’ll be well and truly left in the dust.


Goodbye Tuggeranong repeaters then

What frequencies in the Canberra market would they use for fm conversions for 2CA / 2CC. All frequencies in Canberra are allocated either to Black Mountain or the Tuggeranong relays?


Other Black Mountain commercials need FM repeaters in Tuggeranong, so 2CA and 2CC will need them too.

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Some existing stations will probably need to be moved to accommodate them…, maybe RAM FM Goulburn, KIX and QBN at Queanbeyan


Re QBN fm as they don’t have a permanent licence ACMA could cancel their TCL for a AM to Fm conversion.

Also maybe move KIX country to DAB+ for the other conversion. Capital Radio would need to convince Grant their joint venture for this to happen, but 2CA being more competitive in the ratings would generate more revenue than Kix Country. You would need to find two additional frequencies for the Tuggeranong relays too.

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I would say to 1CMS, 1SBS and 1XXR that they need to submit timeframes for getting their relays to air, and the last one or two to get on air will lose it… they’ve already had years to get them up.