AM and FM DX


That would be frustrating. The other matter is that antennas in use differ to the theoretical specs, it has to fit within that envelope.


I do however find that the coverage maps are generally accurate with the weak areas for Artarmon / Gore Hill matching up around my location.

It would have been nice to have been able to create directional radiation patterns.


FM Bandscan, Kingscliff NSW 09/03/2019

88.5 ABC Classic FM Gold Coast Qld
88.7 ABC Classic FM Nambour Qld
88.9 The Breeze Eagle Heights Qld
89.3 4CRB Gold Coast Qld
89.5 Triple J Nambour Qld
89.7 Ten FM Tenterfield
89.7 4TAB Beaudesert Qld
90.1 RN Gold Coast Qld
90.5 Rebel FM Beaudesert Qld
90.7 ABC News Radio Grafton/Kempsey
90.9 Sea FM Gold Coast Qld
91.5 Triple J Grafton/Kempsey
91.7 ABC Gold Coast Gold Coast Qld
91.9 Sea FM Nambour Qld
92.1 The Breeze Beaudesert Qld
92.3 ABC Coffs Coast Grafton/Kempsey
92.5 Gold FM Gold Coast Qld
92.7 Mix FM Nambour Qld
92.9 River FM Lismore
93.3 SBS Radio Brisbane Qld
94.1 FM 94.1 Gold Coast Qld
94.5 ABC North Coast Richmond/Tweed
94.9 River 94.9 Ipswich Qld
95.3 ABC Classic FM Richmond/Tweed
95.7 ABC News Radio Gold Coast Qld
96.1 Triple J Richmond/Tweed
96.5 96five Brisbane Qld
96.9 RN Richmond/Tweed
97.3 97.3 FM Brisbane Qld
97.7 Triple J Gold Coast Qld
97.9 ABC Classic FM Grafton/Kempsey
98.1 4EB Brisbane Qld
98.5 ABC News Radio Richmond/Tweed
98.9 2SBSFM Lismore
99.4 Rebel FM Gold Coast Qld
99.9 Bay FM Byron Bay
100.3 Bay FM Wynnum/Redlands Qld
100.6 The Breeze Gold Coast Qld
100.9 Triple Z Lismore
101.1 101FM Logan Qld
101.7 ABC Classic FM Southern Downs Qld
101.9 Paradise FM Ballina
102.1 4ZZZ Brisbane Qld
102.9 Hot Tomato Gold Coast Qld
103.3 Triple J Southern Downs Qld
103.5 Radio 97 Mullumbimby
103.7 4MBS Brisbane Qld
104.1 Radio 97 Currumbin Qld
104.3 2LM Kyogle
104.5 Triple M Brisbane Qld
104.9 ABC Southern Queensland Southern Downs Qld
105.3 Hit 105 Brisbane Qld
105.7 Radio Metro Gold Coast Qld
106.1 ABC Classic FM Brisbane Qld
106.5 RN Southern Downs Qld
106.9 Nova 106.9 Brisbane Qld
107.3 Juice 107.3 Gold Coast Qld
107.7 Triple J Brisbane Qld

Tescsun PL-390 was used.


531 3GG coming in loud and clear into Warnambool at the moment!


Any sign of Brisbane DAB or did you not take that with you?

As an aside, my rental car in NZ has the Sydney DAB stations scanned in. Obviously where the car has come from. There is of course no native DAB here on the South Island but I think the Auckland trials are still going?


It has wrapped up last year.


I didn’t take the DAB+ with me.


No Hot 91 @Mechsta?


Strangely, no sign of it when I was doing the band scan. Mind you, reception of the other Sunshine Coast stations was quite weak.


The other week I was on a V/Line coach from Geelong to Aireys Inlet on the Great Ocean Road and the driver had 3GG on, 531 gets out quite well.



That’s an odd choice so far away!


There is only one station that is receivable at Milford Sound: 92.0 RNZ National. This is a self help (or should that be ‘selfie help’) outlet.


Signal would boom across the water. A different sphere of music to the Melb stations, Geelong stations and talk on Ace. Good on the driver for taking the time to tune through the bands.


Yes I quite like the variety that 3GG play, even though I am younger than their target demographic


Friday night West Coast tropo action to report. Carnarvon Newsradio 106.1fm making the trip down the coast into Bunbury. Weak but listenable, with coverage or Christchurch terror shootings.

Usual coastal FM indicators at Fremantle, Lancelin and Geraldton where in earlier in the day but faded very weak by the time Carnarvon was picked up. I assume this means the duct goes a fair way out to sea, rather than following the coast.

Tried for Exmouth FM, nothing recieved / blocked out by co-channelled stations.

My home set up has a nasty spike of noise at 106.15 FM so went mobile in e ol 2006 Falcon to recieve. She’s still got what it takes!


Receiving 531 3GG again but this time at Wedderburn.


In what suburb? Great report, thanks.

What time of day?


Midday ish (when I posted it)


I reckon car radio sensitivity peaked around 2006 as this was just before smartphone based entertainment really took off. Old fashioned radio is now somewhat of an afterthought in today’s vehicles. My 2006 Astra radio is significantly more sensitive than a late model i30, for example.

Those west coast tropo ducts can be intense- sometimes the path extends to Java, Indonesia. It’s a pity you can’t drive onto Rottnest as the tropo would probably be intense out there.


Great daytime coverage in what would be a most low noise floor area.

MediaSpy pass the hat around for a barge.