All My Friends Are Racist

All My Friends Are Racist



From Tuesday 24 August 10.15pm (14 min episodes)

In a survival-of-the-fiercest, two twenty-something black millennials decide it’s time to call the racists out. They think it could cause a revolution… instead it causes a downgrade in lifestyle.

Best friends Casey (Davey Thompson) and Belle (Tuuli Narkle) live the best life together as the hottest BFF’s in Brisbane until they find themselves cancelled by their friendship group for calling them racist.

Belle thinks it’s the end of their social life but Casey sees it as an opportunity; they don’t need racists in their lives and they will start a revolution.

Soon the friends are living up on infamy and likes but the higher they go, the bigger the side eye and soon Casey and Belle’s friendship is at risk of being cancelled as the best friends realize they don’t bring out the best in each other.

Production credits: A Maximo Entertainment and Hoodlum Entertainment production for ABC TV.

What a ridiculous concept for a show. Are they trying to make our country look like a pack of racists?

I mean I know this show is only a comedy, but still.

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Lol, they don’t need to try hard.


Uuuh, sorry to break it to you…