AFL Game Day

Sunday morning footy news and review program hosted by Hamish McLachlan. Airs 10am Sundays during footy season on Seven (7mate NSW/QLD).

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Anyone watch this morning’s program, did one of the cameras look a bit off? (The wide shot of the group from Hamish’s side of the set)

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2018 season starts Sunday, March 25 at 10AM. AFL Media’s Nat Edwards will be a reporter for the show this year.

She was involved with the show last year

Nat Edwards will be guest host this Sunday.

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The very first episode of the show which aired on March 16, 2008 is available here:

Some caps:

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That episode was posted online because the 300th episode is tomorrow.


That set & graphics might’ve even been a dated look back in 2008, something I would’ve expected to see on TV around 2000-03!

The show returns this Sunday (March 24) at 10am in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and is again calling for studio audience.

Ok, this set is very outdated now. It looks like cardboard with stone wallpaper. Seven need to invest in a more versatile set for programmes in Melbourne.

That’s because it is! :joy:

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They’re probably too broke to buy a new set :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I wonder if 7 could replace this with a similar concept to the Front Bar.

AFL Game Day has a new set and look - first time since the show launched.

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Neroli Meadows joins the show from today.

Her first contribution is an interview with GWS player Lachie Whitfield.

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About time they received a new set. It’s only been 11 years.


The desk looks to be the previous desk from The Daily Edition

I might be wrong, but I’m thinking this set up is coming from the Seven Melbourne News set with a different desk??

Last nights footy commentary was coming from the same area.

Also, I’ve seen the desk before. Was this used for sevens Victorian state election?


Actually this is it’s third set.

Nice to see some social distancing on set :roll_eyes: