AFL broadcast rights 2025-2031

If 10 does get Saturday arvo AFL coverage, it would make sense to do something like this:
Arvo: AFL
5PM: 10 News First
6.30PM: The Weekend Project
7.30PM: Regular programming

As much as I don’t watch The Project, The Weekend Project does sound to be like a good idea. I feel that The Weekend Project might cover stuff that has happened with the AFL and ‘News Headlines that You might have missed’ (Similar to the one from Before the Game). I think Brendan Fevola might be a panellist doing The Weekend Project

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1 Saturday game would just not be financially viable for 10. Paying for commentators, equipment etc for just 1 game would be stupid.


Some screenshots from the article


Was there a point when they weren’t? All the reporting so far has been that they’re keen and the AFL is receptive to their interest.

If the dollars are close, incumbency might be hard to shake, especially if the major stakeholders are happy with the “tried and true” approach. On the face of it (without knowing the true offers from either party), its not a particularly forward-thinking decision, but I dont think the AFL are particularly forward-thinking when it comes to their media rights (I suppose some of this comes back to the shambles that was Broadcom in the late 80s)


As its likely Seven / Foxtel will retain the rights… what improvements do you think we may see from Seven going forward?

I’m thinking Seven may be requesting live streaming for their games on 7 Plus? Also, we may see 4 games every week retune to free to air. Thursday / Friday / Saturday / Sunday.

Hopefully an investment into the return of a Sunday morning football show.


Seven will definitely want this, but whether the AFL prefers for Kayo to be the streaming partner is another question.

No way, the future is streaming. It’ll either stay at 3.5 games or week, or even be reduced to 3, with the remainder on Foxtel or exclusive to a streaming partner like Amazon.

I can’t see this happening. Seven would be fighting a losing battle up against the Sunday Footy Show and Offsiders. There’s no point.

Im pretty sure AFL Game Day use to win it’s slot consistently up against The Sunday Footy Show, so I’m not sure why you’re saying there’s no point… odd.

Unfortunately, if the cost blows out I can’t see many improvements or investments being made. I would even expect less quality from 7 and less investment in talent.

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Not unless it’s in the AFL agreement with the broadcasters.

I couldn’t see 7 being able to afford certain luxuries like Football shows or even extra on air talent if the costs increase.

If Seven and Fox retain the rights, for the free to air games they’ll likely both have streaming rights - as with the NRL free to air games which are streamed by 9Now/Fox/Kayo

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If the AFL prefers Kayo to be its streaming partner, then it is a backward step for fans, and reinforces the fact that the NRL’s upcoming rights deal with Nine is far more superior, as Nine will be able to continue to stream its allocation of matches, plus State of Origin and all finals, on 9Now.


Well then they shouldn’t be awarded the rights if they’re not bringing an all of game experience across their platforms. They’re doing nothing to grow the game if it’s just going to be baseline coverage that’s simulcast.

They can’t extract top dollar advertising as they don’t have exclusivity. They just don’t have the money or the reach to do the job. They’re doing a disservice to the fans.

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If the deal is split along similar lines to the existing deal, Seven are unlikely to get either - if they want streaming rights or to increase the number of FTA games, they’ll likely need to up the amount they tip into the deal.

Don’t forget that Nine was a big factor in squeezing both Telstra and the NRL out on digital rights - while the deal was substantially similar to the previous deal, they had a better negotiating position. It’s not hard to get the impression Seven doesn’t have a similar position.

If the AFL want their media partners to participate in growing the game, then they need to make it an enforceable undertaking in their media contracts (which given the ease both Seven and Fox have walked back their non-match coverage (admittedly under the cloud of covid) and not reinstated it suggests it’s not particularly enforceable)

I’m not convinced that the current state of the game is made considerably worse by one of the rights holders not having a few hours of non-match content - there’s a decent amount of on-field stuff that needs fixing beforehand.

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Seven may want streaming rights but is limited by carrying state based coverage on Saturday and Sunday.

Tonight is a great example of where Fox should have one channel on a split screen. Showing both games at once.

And have one match in the left channel and the other in the right channel. Sounds like great TV…

Or just get Kayo.

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That’s the tricky thing when we’re talking about free streaming rights for the AFL since (unlike Nine’s NRL deal) not every Seven-produced game is nationally televised. While TNF, FNF and most special games (ie; those played on or around public holidays) are, the Saturday night and Sunday games Seven-produced can be pre-empted outside Victoria to allow for games featuring local teams to be aired.

As such, if the network that gets the FTA package gets streaming rights, the way those rights operate might be a bit complicated to ensure that (for example) an SA viewer who is getting a Crows/Power game rather than the [insert network]-produced game can stream the former (but ensure someone outside SA can’t) and not the latter.

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Um, no. People have more than one screen these days. Watch one game on TV with the other on your tablet/phone.

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