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Gold 1242 (3GV) appears to be on-air now on 98.3 FM from Bairnsdale. Only a mono feed though at this stage. I believe 1242 is only mono too but it’s been years since I even had an AM stereo radio to test. They were AM stereo as recent as early 2000s.


Did AM stereo sound similar to FM stereo?


Looks like Edge Is getting new format tomorrow.


Usual presenters on the two Edge stations this morning, and both 2QN & 3NE are taking mornings from 3AW.

The Edge stations are now using the “Better Music & More Of It” positioner, although it’s not clear if this change was made on-air this morning as it has been on the website for a few weeks.


Yes it has just happen this afternoon on 102.5. As well they are using the “Feel Good” tag line and your Feel Good Station from the 80’s to Now. The format is a little bit different as well. Very Mix Fm when they were using that tag line. I think they are trying to target the female 25 to 52 year old age group.


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I guess 2QN is axing local breakfast and will start to get the morning rush from the same date


What do you think of the music format mate? I was told they will be tweaking with the music for a while.


The format is average and the tweeking to the music in most cases is not to my liking, its still better than Mixxfm but only slighty.


I agree. Its too Female skew for my liking. It sounds like a regional Hit FM station without the old school rock and they play the odd 80’s pop track. I don’t think the SCA station will have to worry. I was hoping for a music format something like Hot Tomato, or even some of the regional BOG FM stations.


Yuk! What are thinking? It sound like a poor man version of H!T. I think the few listener that they had would be moving over to H!T


They were not thinking… it sound too close to Hit FM.


Been listening to Edge Wangaratta in the car today. I’ve noticed that some ads are playing at a much lower volume than everything else. It really detracts from the listening experience and effectiveness of the ads and shouldn’t be difficult for a commercial station to get right.


I’m with you there!
The audience of the old 102.5 Classic Rock LOVED that station’s format 15 years ago when it was a true Classic Rock station.
Then when ‘He Who Shall Not Be Named’ took over as PD, and decided to completely F*** the format, the audience have never truly forgiven the station/company since then.
They keep chasing the female demographic… they’re gone. They’re listening to Hit FM Shep or Bendigo (depending on location), you never had them and you never will.
The area is home of the Deni Ute Muster. Think about the people that go to that, with a large % being locals - they are your audience. Keep them happy and you’re on the right track.


I remember that so called PD telling me that they only cater for females. This is the reason why I pulled my add off the radio, as I wanted to get to both female, male not just female listeners. The new PD is not any better. They have recently change to a full on Pop Female skewed format. I swear ACE thinks all females hate rock. I know one of their other customer is going to pull the pin from them because of the same reason as I did.


I am not female but I am one who liked their last format, this one just seems too be all over the place. I am just waiting for it to get better but it never does, they occasionally play 2 or 3 good songs in a row if your lucky and then they go back to the new poppy crap they have recently added to the play list.


Is that the 3NE transmitter right next to the Hume Freeway near Wangaratta? Two tall masts. I was listening to 2AY (1494 kHz) and noticed significant interference when driving past that point.

Flicked over to 1566 and it was crystal clear so made the assumption that must be the 1566kHz transmitter.


Yes, that’s it.


This is their thinking… The station targets females because females are usually the ones controlling the household spending. This is why the station mainly caters for females now.


I notice the Ace AM stations aren’t taking 3AW Drive at the moment while Tom Elliot is on leave. I think only a handful of them were actually taking it in the end but I know Gold 1242 definitely were and they aren’t at the moment.

Hopefully it’s permanent. I don’t mind them taking Neil Mitchell and Sports Day but 3AW drive is too much IMO.
They could probably even get away with only taking the first 2 hours of Steve Price’s show and then going local for a couple of hours in the late night.