ACE Radio


Yes, the crew in Wangaratta think females only listen to the radio and it is having a affect in Deniliquin and Echuca.


Yesterday afternoon I did two trips from Deniliquin to Echuca. On the way I was listening to 102.5 Edge FM and 1521 2QN and notices that they play a lot of the some music from the 80’s and 90’s. One stage they were playing a Whitney Houston song at the same time. They only seem to be catering for a narrow audience.

I would say the music on both stations has got a lot more narrower and worst since ACE Radio brought the stations. Thank god for streaming :slight_smile:


the thinking along the lines of radio programmers and consultants these days is this - get the women listening and you get their blokes by default.

It’s lazy. It’s also a load of rubbish


Richo…This is exactly how the ACE programmers think and it is hurting them.

Your not the only one who thinks this.


Hahaha, I read that the other day.


I 100% agree mate. This is why I stopped advertising with them.


It’s not just ACE Radio either, SCA do it, ARN as well.


Yes I did notice this with some of the regional SCA stations, especially the Hit stations and the Triple M stations that carry that “Feels Good” tag line from the 80’s, 90’s and now.


I heard today that there is no more Dave and Indi for breakfast on 102.5 Edge FM. They were the only good thing on 102.5. 102.5 and 2QN have really gone to the dogs lately. Even the music has got a lot worst. I thought things could not get any more worst but they have.

Does anyone know if Lui Zacher is still with ACE? I just heard a rumor the other day he is not.


Good question.

It’d be a pity if “Workday Lui” (as per the on-air moniker when I last streamed him on 102.1 Edge FM) did leave ACE because he is a good broadcaster.


I 100% agree mate. We use to get him on the weekends and he called himself “Weekend Lui”.
If this is the case, hopefully SCA graps him since he lives in Albury. Looking at the 102.1 Edge FM web site, he is not on there anymore.


Hi guys! Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

I can confirm I am no longer with ACE, @hemi340 Albury SCA would be a perfect fit for me! Know anyone there to put in a good word for me? haha.


Fitzy and Wippa will be starting on the Edge stations as of Monday.


Listening to 3YB just now and heard some bad voice tracking, after the song the announcer said Gold 1242 and Gold FM 98.3 and before the next song corrected it to 3YB FM 94.5


Surprised this doesn’t happen more often. So much voice tracking of the whole network (FM and AM) comes out of Warrnambool and Traralgon.


I bet London ti a brick that Ace Radio Network will be a regional briadcast partner of Cricket doing MacQuarie Sports Radio’s test, odi and womens international matches 2020 bigbash nation broadcasts.


I agree. Expect ACE’s AM network will do tests and BBL at least. Probably not the others though.


Have they taken cricket previously from Macquarie?


Not that I’m aware but now that Crocmedia are involved with syndication I suspect there will be regional networks taking some matches at least.
ACE are known for taking metro programs with no real regard for the audience (ie Tom Elliot is still on 2AY???) so that’s why I’m inkling towards them at least taking it.


They tried dropping Tom Elliot earlier this year and brought him back after outcry from their audience.