ACE Radio (Regional)

their schedule looks just like a direct relay of 3AW for 3/4 of the day

That is true for most ACE AM stations across VIC. I can say the same for 2BS in Bathurst & 2LT in Lithgow (both independently-owned AM stations), as well as for 2CC in Canberra, who are pretty much a direct relay of 2GB for 3/4 of the day.

Improvements made at AM 1242 because experienced new GM, David McDonald is breathing fresh air into the place.


The article also revealed that 3YB in Warrnambool will be moving to FM at the end of 2018 as part of the AM-FM conversion program for regional commercial AM stations in solus markets, swapping frequencies with Vision Radio Australia, which currently broadcasts on 100.9FM.


Where did you find the bit about 3YB swapping with Vision?

It’s in the article. :slight_smile:

Ah right, I was looking on the ACMA site for something on that…

The ACMA site seems to contradict the radiotoday article somewhat, all it says that variations for related AM-FM conversions are to be determined by (in the case of Warrnambool) by Q3 2018 and there is no proposal on the ACMA site that 3YB swaps with the Christian station Vision 100.9… Whose to say that it won’t swap with the print Vision station on 94.5 instead, if indeed anyone in that case…

The 100.9 bit was just an assumption on my behalf, in which it’s currently a HPON licence carrying Vision Radio Network. I did overlook the fact that Vision Radio Australia (print) is 3RPH, which currently transmits on the same transmitter as Coast FM, so I guess it would make more sense for 3YB to swap frequencies with the current 3RPH licence, particularly on the technical side of things.

In short, I can confuse Vision Radio Australia (3RPH) with Vision Radio Network (HPON). :blush:

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I have been confused by the two Visions before too, its a bit ridiculous really, they both should change to settle any disputes, VAR should be RPH like it is everywhere else, and the Christian station could probably use any of Faith, Hope, Life, maybe Rhema, or even Heart now.

3YB is going to 94.5FM


The ‘media’ coverage of this by Ace is nothing short of misleading.

Dan Tehan, the local MP for Fraser’s old seat Wannon has been the main advocate for this proposal.

Ace approached Dan.

Reason it’s not on the ACMA site is because it has all been done above them. Dan has approached his minister, Mitch and his ministerial office has run the numbers and approved this.

You can expect similar approaches in other markets. However, it’s safe to say that Bill and Pam Caralis will not be throwing bucket loads of cash to community stations a la Hoyts to 5MMM/DDD Adelaide.

Slightly better coverage, including a video of launch night (produced by ACE Radio) on Radio Info:

It would appear that the frequency swap isn’t really part of the AM-FM Conversion process, although it may have laid the ground work to allow 3YB to move to the FM frequency - it’s really more just a swap between broadcasters. ACMA would need to little more than approve it (which in this case sounds like that has been done above them) as broadcast powers and patterns aren’t going to change and no new frequencies need to be made available.
They cite it as being a good deal for Vision (3RPH) since the AM signal has fortuitous coverage into Colac and Hamilton which 3YB doesn’t really need since ACE already have other stations (with near identical programming) in Colac and Hamilton already.

The swap would work well for ACE too since their existing AM transmission equipment and site will be sold or leased rather than becoming redundant, and likewise, the FM frequency comes too them with equipment and engineering already done.

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Interesting, thanks for the info.

3HA only got its Portland translator not long ago too, so it’s been a good run for Ace in south-western Victoria. And while the move makes sense for YB, the cost of running (or leasing) an AM TX site for Vision can’t be that cheap

I wonder if there may be moves afoot to look at similar conversions for 3HA or 3CS in the future? Though there must be incentive to keep at least one AM TX going as all three of those stations cover a good portion of that part of the world - FM would surely result in a loss of coverage, even if it was slight

3CS is the powerhouse station in the area, coverage goes from the Great Ocean Road right to Melbourne with it getting patchy on the Princes at Werribee.

882 is not as strong as 1134 but it is still receivable in Melbourne.

The FM swap is just getting ready for a DAB only spectrum.
That said, I’m supprised that MML haven’t complained about the power because it is intruding into the 3AW signal in summer when AM goes to Cricket.

How does 3CS intrude on 3AW?

It carries the same programs for most of the day (Mornings, Drive, Nights, Nightline, Overnights)


what’s the point when 3AW’s 693 signal is heard in many parts of 3CS’s area (including Colac itself) like a local station. It’s doubling up!

What a dismal looking schedule that is.

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It’s little wonder why in the 2014 radio ratings survey for Colac, 3CS could only manage a 16% share, in which it was beaten by ABC Melbourne & got nearly half the listeners that sister station Mixx FM had. The Other “non-listed” stations accounted for 22.6% of the listeners surveyed.


And you can be rest assured they weren’t listening to the Geelong commercials in any great numbers.

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