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Not sure where to put this info

The New York Times is targeting for expansion into Australia

NYT going up north, down under—Melania vs. the media

NYT FOR CANUCKS, AUSSIES – Morning Media has learned that the next two places The New York Times is targeting for expansion are Canada and Australia. The company has already dispatched research teams to lay the groundwork and has begun recruiting journalists to build out small newsrooms in both countries.

If this decision stands, it could have big implications for major media companies. It’s found that they are responsible for comments made by users on their social media platforms such as Facebook.

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Rothman ruled the media organisations could be considered publishers of the third-party comments and were therefore liable for them.

“Each defendant was not merely a conduit of the comment,” he said in his judgment.

“[They] provided the forum for its publication and encouraged, for its own commercial purposes, the publication of comments.”

Report on AM says the decision may be appealed.

More on this

News Corp denounced the “ridiculous” decision, calling for urgent defamation law reform and flagging its intention to appeal. A Sydney Morning Herald spokesperson also said it was “considering its options” given “the implications the ruling may have on the industry”.

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