ABC Television 2019

Discussion of ABC TV programming for 2019.

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Judging by the announcements made at the upfronts, it looks like the ABC will have a more imaginative programming lineup in 2019 than all three commercial networks combined.


Some promos

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The SMH published an article about that today.

It seems like there’s a he said/she said situation. On one hand, the ABC claims that The Chaser never pitched an election special to them and that they were in negotiations with the commercial networks. However, while Charles Firth admitted they did talk to commercial networks (the discussions went nowhere) - he claims that the ABC said they didn’t have the money to fund a series.

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Maybe the ABC has realised they don’t need to approve every Chaser pitch, they haven’t been very good in recent years.

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True, but the election specials are usually fairly fail safe.

ABC has bought the rights to animated series Gary and His Demons, from Blue Ant Media’s fledgling animation studio. It is expected to be shown on ABC Comedy next year.