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ABC Radio Australia focuses on women in the Pacific with Sistas, Let’s Talk

A unique 30-minute radio program and podcast focusing on women’s issues across the Pacific launches on ABC Radio Australia this Friday, 14 May.

Sistas, Let’s Talk will explore the issues affecting women across the Pacific region in an empowering, empathetic and straight-talking way.

Hosted by prominent PNG-born broadcaster Hilda Wayne (pictured below), the show will delve into the issues close to the hearts of women in the Pacific region, such as balancing traditional obligations with modern working practices; bride price; the gendered impacts of Covid in the Pacific; and women’s representation in political, economic and social life.

Women in the Pacific are underrepresented in all spheres of life, including in the media, and face significant and unique challenges including high rates of family violence and low levels of political representation. Sistas, Let’s Talk is designed to help to bridge that gap.

A flagship program for ABC Radio Australia, Sistas, Let’s Talk is staffed entirely by Pacific women, and is overseen by Justine Kelly, Executive Producer of ABC’s Audio Studios, which makes the award-winning podcast Ladies, We Need to Talk .

It will be unique in providing quality content designed especially for educated, modern Pacific women and the Pacific diaspora in Australia – a traditionally neglected audience, particularly in the target 20-40 age group.

Executive Producer Justine Kelly said, “I’m very excited to be part of a project that uncovers the unique and extraordinary stories of women across the pacific region and gives a platform to some of its least-heard voices.”

Claire M Gorman, Head of ABC International, said, “ABC Radio Australia is a trusted voice in the Pacific, connecting our neighbours in the Pacific region. We are delighted to be adding Sistas, Let’s Talk to our growing slate of Pacific-focused programs that contribute to the rich conversations about our shared Pacific region on ABC Radio Australia.”

Sistas Let’s Talk airs on ABC Radio Australia every Friday across the Pacific. It premieres on Friday 14 May 2021 at 3.30 pm PNG time, 4.30 pm in Fiji and 6.30 pm in Samoa. You can find it online at the ABC Radio Australia website.


A restoration of Radio Australia on SW would be very welcome (even in remote Australia).

The ABC would be given $8 million a year extra from 2022-23 to expand transmission as well as provide media training for Pacific broadcasters. The focus would be on building audiences in the Pacific and south-east Asia, as well as develop new markets in south Asia.

As part of the broadcast strategy, a Labor government would consider restoring the ABC’s shortwave radio broadcasting in the Pacific.

Radio Australia axed its broadcasts in 2017, arguing the technology was outdated and money could be better spent. But the decision silenced a valuable tool for Australia to influence the region while allowing a Chinese station to take over the frequencies.


Contacted their campaign team about remote coverage within Australia. Bad news. Not included.

I think that RA would still be a welcome addition to the SW band in remote areas. The previous transmission to the South Pacific were well received.

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