ABC On-Air Presentation 1996-2000




Always found it odd that the minimalist, modern style of presentation that the ABC used at this time was totally opposite to the stuffy, conservative presentation they continued to use for news right through the early 2000’s.


Now, this is really cool!

After reading a recent ABC related article by the Sydney Morning Herald, they briefly mentioned the Lissajous pattern and hyperlinked this website created by the ABC, which explains the pattern’s namesake, their reasoning for its adoption, and a GIF of a ident from 1996-2000. But here’s the catch, it’s from 1998 and still online!

Typically with websites of this era, Hot Chips for example, which was according to the ABC, the third TV show in the world to have a website (second being BTN and first being BBC’s The Net), they are archived and no longer viewable:

On the website, there is also a interactive Shockwave file to make your own Lissajous patterns, now only viewable using a Adobe Director related program:

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