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From 16 January the flagship ABC TV 7pm News bulletin will have a new presenting team, with Dan Bourchier joining the ABC as Monday to Thursday presenter, alongside Craig Allen Friday to Sunday.

Bourchier will also host the Breakfast radio program on 666 ABC Canberra.


I’m actually nervous that they are going to launch this new theme song and it’s going to be horrendous. I’m fine with the current one…


I hope there may be a return to the 1986 theme with a modern rendition, as one of the original composers (Peter Wall) were approached by ABC earlier this year for the original recording:

And according to the article poll, most want the same. If that doesn’t happen I guess could be fine with the current theme. Not sure how Majestic Fanfare could be adapted to work on both TV and Radio simultaneously.


Personally, I’m hoping that it’ll be a third generation (the first one came with the 2005 relaunch, the 2nd is the 2010-now version) of the current ABC News theme music on TV.


That being said, with all these major changes happening in the News department both format and visual wise, could we expect visual changes for Radio too such as the return to the flat worm logo? Could we expect the classic logo to return to the corporate identity and both off air too?

Spotted the classic logo alongside the corporate typeface in an online ad back in October with the classic blue:

Perhaps I’m reading into it a bit too much, but I feel their identify is a bit inconsistent at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:


The ABC was really obviously trying to make the silver logo the corporation and the 2D logo the channel, at least back when the 2D logo launched. They even made two versions of the “arms around me” ident with one having the silver lissajous to promote all the ABC’s services.

I hope they replace the silver eventually.


I was aware that the 3D Silver logo was part of their corporate image, and the 2D was for the main channel, I just feel it looks a bit dated compared to ABC’s latest branding on various properties. However since the News relaunch will accompany the classic logo, what’s not to say that could readapt it to further properties to keep it the image consistent across all of the ABC? What they have now is fine is okay, but I’d like if they replace the 2000s silver logo eventually.


I much prefer the current TV theme to the 2005- TV theme, or the 80’s version. I really hope we don’t go backwards for the sake of nostalgia, because I think they would sound horrible in a modern news bulletin.


Is that Majestic Fanfare you’re talking about right, or all the previous themes? Yea, regarding Majestic Fanfare, I’m not sure how they could adapt it to work on both TV and Radio simultaneously. The current theme I think would work just as well as it has now. The 1986-2005 theme by itself wouldn’t work as it’s original form, however according to Peter Wall, he said he was “blown away by the results” by the remixed version by Bag Raiders, so I wonder how that version would fair. I do agree we should keep moving forward with the evolution of the News brand, and not get nostalgia ahead of us just for the sake of it.


I doubt MF is coming back, I think the most likely replacement is the theme they used on TV until 2005.

I agree with @Firetorch , I like the current theme best.


[quote=“matlock, post:299, topic:216”]
doubt MF is coming back, I think the most likely replacemnt is the theme they used on TV until 2005.[/quote]

The reason for saying that is the ABC are also considering that theme as a candidate, however I don’t think it would suit the News. I agree with you, I love the current News theme more than the previous ones, as it feels unique compared to other themes out there. I just wonder how a 21st century version would fair.


When ABC News was relaunched after the debacle that was The National, they decided not to revive Majestic Fanfare and instead opted for a more contemporary theme for their TV news bulletins. That was over 30 years ago.

Maybe there’s a slim chance for a contemporary update to the ABC News theme used on TV circa 1986-2005, but I think the chances of ABC News on TV using Majestic Fanfare on TV in 2017 are approximately the same as those of Ten Eyewitness News using their old “Move Closer To Your World” news theme from the 1980s ever again: 0%.

As I’ve said before, my personal preference is for either a remix of their current TV news theme or a completely new composition and I’d even be willing to predict that the ABC will most likely pick either one of those two options.

Re, the ABC’s logo: I honestly wouldn’t surprised if the “classic” logo does eventually become the corporate logo again if they plan to use it for ABC News. Aside from ABC2, the metallic pretzel from the Early 2000s isn’t really used much on TV anymore so it probably wouldn’t be an overly radical change.


Yep, I totally agree with you. I was just mentioning Majestic Fanfare because Fairfax Media have said the ABC were also considering bringing that back (as a new version of imagine), because there would be no way they would use it in it’s current state. Regarding my post about “a new 21st century version”, I meant the 1987-2005 theme since it has been on the cards too. Don’t get my wrong, @SydneyCityTV, @matlock and @Firetorch I love the current theme more than the previous ones, but a new take on a classic would be interesting to see. The current one, and evolution, or a completely new rendition would be very interesting to see too. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn out to be like Seven News’ 2014 shortlylived theme. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bwahaha, now there’s a new nickname for it I haven’t heard before! :stuck_out_tongue:

Only use I’ve seen of it on the TV side mostly is during the end credits with the animated logo at the end. Other than that, nothing else except ABC2 as you mentioned.


So, erm, matlock, who’s really in the echo chamber here?

Good to see a former Prime Minister echoing my recent criticisms about the quality of ABC News, the coverage of Indigenous affairs in a saccharine manner, and the frivolous story selection on 7:30. You can just bet he was a sentence away from criticising Leigh directly regarding his statement that 7:30 had transformed into a ‘news magazine’.

If two people on the absolute opposite sides of the political spectrum, Paul Keating and myself, can see these glaring problems, how is it that some people on MediaSpy can’t?


New South Wales bulletin is going to air in ACT tonight.


You beat me to it!


And just like Monday to Friday last week, it carried almost no local (NSW) news. Two stories tonight.
Bizarre or is there a strike we don’t know about?
Somehow they made a mistake over the weekend - the NSW bulletins actually had NSW news!


An article from The Canberra Times about the above.


There’s such a small difference between the two, it wouldn’t have made much difference.


This accidentally appeared in a few local reports a couple of nights ago.