ABC News (US)

WTVD in Durham, NC has flipped to the new O&O graphics.

Earlier, KFSN in Fresno has fully switched to the new package too.

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Sad news coming from WPVI: Their helicopter crashed into the woods in New Jersey, returning from the shore. Two people on board, the pilot and the photographer, were killed.

Aerial footage coming from “a fellow Philadelphia television station”, presumably from FOX 29 (or KYW). KYW’s initial report (at 4.30am) was brief, whereas NBC 10’s an hour later was more focused on infographics, field reporters and weather retrospective.

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WABC have switched to the new graphics, and first station I’ve seen use a talent intro:

WABC - Channel 7 Eyewitness News at 6 - [New Talent Open] Open: January 16, 2024 (

WABC - Channel 7 Eyewitness News at 6 - [New Graphics]: Open: January 13, 2024 (

Eager to see if/how WPVI adopt it, but do think it’s good for ABC o&os to be uniform.


I can’t stand the lighting on the WABC set. It’s so… odd?

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It looks like they light from below the desk and have setup their lights like its a movie faux-newscast


Few more from WABC… looks like Sandra Bookman has finally been given a weekday gig, at Noon…

WABC | Eyewitness News at Noon Open and Close - January 17, 2024 (

WABC | Eyewitness News First at 4pm Open - January 17, 2024 (

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It’s very odd. Do they ever do not-close shots that show off the desk or rest of the studio?

Yes, fairly regularly. The issue is that there isn’t much to show off, the set hasn’t aged particularly well and has only had very minor updates in 11 years.

Despite being #1, they arguably have the worst set in the New York City area.


They should dress up the set like Seven has done with its regional Queensland one.

I used to walk past their news studios all the time when I lived in the Upper West Side. Pretty cool being able to peer in. Not too many onlookers, usually, because it’s not a touristy part of town.

They’ll be vacating that studio and building in the next year or so for the new ABC NYC HQ so probably won’t see any new updates until then.


KGO San Francisco is the latest to switch to ABC’s new graphics package, with a return of the pre-pandemic opening music.

A different headline open for 3pm news:

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Just read up about that. That’s a long way downtown, not really a place I walk around much. Lots of traffic because of the Holland Tunnel entrance.

KTRK now using the new look too:

KTRK | ABC 13 Eyewitness News at 6pm/6:30pm Open and Close - February 5, 2024 (

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Yeah, it’s unlikely the new spot will offer much in the way of streetside studios. Even GMA will be leaving Times Square for the new space and is rumored to return to their 70s-90s look with no windows in the studio.

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They’ll probably just use screens to mimic them like CBS Mornings does.

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Where they moving up to?? The GMA team??

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