ABC News Presenters and Reporters


Maybe the ABC is concerned about security situation in Nairobi. There have been numerous terrorist attacks in the city, as recently as last month.


Kenya is probably more central in Africa, but I would have thought South Africa would make more sense.


Kathryn Robinson is filling in for Jeremy Fernandez on ABC News Tonight. They might have rotating presenters on Monday to allow Jeremy a weekend as I believe he still presents weekend news in NSW.


Something I haven’t seen before.

NSW 7pm weather presenter Graham Creed was SEATED next to Juanita tonight to present weather. It started off with a discussion on the bushfires in the states

Once the weather graphics started, Graham wasn’t seen on screen again tonight.



Mary Gearin is presenting in Victoria tonight.




To be fair, they do kind of look similar


Kirsten Aiken presented in Sydney tonight.


Mary Gearin filling in for Tamara in Victoria tonight.


Am I right in saying that Paul Higgins (along with Gearin for Tamra) is the only fill-in presenter for ABC Vic now?


Yes, that’s correct now that Gloria Kalache has moved to SBS.

Beverley O’Connor and Frances Bell have also filled in a few years ago.


Ben Knight, been a while since he presented though, maybe summer 2017-18?


I would say longer.


I’m certain he at least did the 21st Dec 17 in the studio with Tamara Oudyn on location after the Flinders Street car attack.

Anyway back to the question, I’m not sure he’s donr 7pm but Iskandar Razak has done The World and 11pm news on 24 and pops up on radio occaisionally, so there’s still some presenting talent in Melbourne.


The Australian reports the ABC has finalised its TV line-up to cover the upcoming federal election: Leigh Sales, Annabel Crabb, Barrie Cassidy and Antony Green will all return, to be joined by 7.30’s political correspondent Laura Tingle and RN drive host Patricia Karvelas.