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What studio is this?

Same as 7:30 I believe.

Manny Tsigas, originally at SBS. Manny is short for Emmanuel or Manuel.

Sigh. I wish the new background loop was the standard generic one, not this tired graphic from 2014. It’s particularly bad during the Ros Child’s/lunchtime block.

“hotpot suburbs”

geez that’s a bit racist, isn’t it?

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I think it’s time for ABC NEWS to offer state based social news channels for better detailed coverage of politics Covid bushfires etc - all things that need to be drilled into on a state level

Seems Facebook YouTube and twitter should all have state based channels at this stage

fanciful thinking, given ABC’s budget issues currently and to come. Not happening.


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That doesn’t make sense. ABC has a huge push to put content where viewers are with a massive shift to digital and online, directing resources to places better to catch young people and the next generation of viewers. I’m not sure the size of ABC NEWS social teams, but they have 300 content producers for online across the country. ABC News is also funded massively when compared to WIN News, 9 News Regional and Prime7 News. If these news orgs can manage local sited social channels on their shoe string budgets - ABC could.

I think it is more likely to be a editorial choice to maintain only national social handles, instead of state based. In fact they told me it was when I FB Messaged them.

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apologies @KICK-IT - misinterpreted your original post as being broacast/linear channels OTT.

However, there are a lot of social media channels for regional ABC branches?? A lot of those social handles are led by the radio arms.

do you mean not or now?

Correct, “ABC Newcastle”, “ABC Illawarra”, “ABC North Coast”, “ABC Sydney” etc - all 55 local radio regions have FB pages - however they are very much lifestyle / community / general interest, less news.

They post little news, much of it has national focus and they post many videos of birds, kangaroos and fluff. Which is very ABC. That’s fine - but I feel local news could be done much better through these pages.

Would be great to see Them all rebrand “ABC News Newcastle” etc - and shift focus to actual news, information and video. Post the cute bird and kangaroo clips sure, but shift focus to news.

I don’t understand why ABC News social pages post so little video. Almost none.

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ABC Capricornia actually posts quite a bit of local news and even Breaking News. If the other Local Radio pages are posting more lifestyle content and little/no news then it’s clearly an editorial choice. I don’t think ABC News needs to go to a multitude of social pages when you can tailor the App to see exactly what content you want.

Australian Federal Police have asked prosecutors to consider charging an ABC journalist for publishing classified information over stories on potential war crimes

ABC journalists Dan Oakes and Sam Clark were first notified they were under investigation nearly two years ago, after publishing a series of stories known as the Afghan Files.

Police have confirmed officers have sent a brief of evidence to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, which will now weigh up whether to lay charges.

The brief of evidence only relates to Mr Oakes, not his colleague, Mr Clark.

Statement from ABC Managing Director David Anderson

The ABC has been advised today that the AFP is referring allegations against one of our journalists, Dan Oakes, to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions.

The allegations concern Dan’s reporting on the series of stories published by the ABC in 2017 known as the Afghan Files. They were also what prompted the AFP’s extraordinary raid on the ABC’s Ultimo headquarters last year.

This is a disappointing and disturbing development. The Afghan Files is factual and important reporting which exposed allegations about Australian soldiers committing war crimes in Afghanistan. Its accuracy has never been challenged.

The AFP has advised it won’t be taking any further action against ABC journalist Sam Clark, who also worked on the Afghan Files. We welcome that news.

The ABC fully backs Dan and we will continue to support him however we can. Doing accurate journalism that is clearly in the public interest should not be an offence.

ABC News NT - Friday;

I like this closer from tonight;

Looks like they have increased the size of the second display for the ABC Rural segment presented weekly by Matt Brann - not sure if this is still happening.


Eden Monaro graphics:


ABC News NT - Saturday;


ACT bulletin tonight:


The Business with studio interview:


NSW bulletin last night:


Is that Byron bay lighthouse on the big screen?

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