ABC News 24 Idents 2010-2017

Before it was rebranded to ABC NEWS, ABC News 24 had multiple versions of “idents” (or IDs for short) that they broadcast between programs. They actually had two versions, which we are going to discuss here.

The Version 1 ident started with a wide of Australia made out of blue tiles. It then zoomed out to the rest of the world made of tiles, then zooming into the African coast. A picture would be exposed onto the tiles, with two more pictures sliding in and African cities being “scanned” on.

It would then zoom over to the Mexican coast, where another picture would be exposed onto the tiles that form Mexico, with one photo sliding onto the Central American coast, and another above Florida.

Next, the camera would “bounce” over to the Eastern Brazilian coast, where it would slowly move down, whilst the tiles flip and cities start being scanned on. Two pictures would slide on and one picture would be exposed to the tiles.

After that, it would zoom over to Chile, where one photo would be slid on, and the cities of Santiago, La Rioja, La Paz, and Tacna would be scanned on.

Then it would bounce off to the Pacific Ocean and would scan the cities of Honolulu and Hanga Roa onto their appropriate countries.

Then onto the Papua New Guinea peninsula, where one picture would be scanned onto the tiles.

Then it moves downwards to the Queensland coast, where one picture would be exposed, and another slid in.

The camera then bounces off to New Zealand, where only two pictures are slid in and no exposed photos. Then it moves up to the islands of New Caledonia, Fiji and Tonga, where their appropriate capital cities are scanned on.

Then it pans over to the Northern WA/NT region, where a photo is exposed onto the tiles, and two more are slid in. Then it zooms out and then it pans over to South East Asia. One picture is panned onto Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, and 3 (2 photos from 2012 onwards) are slid on.

The camera then moves up towards Japan, where one photo is exposed onto the tiles, and two more slide in, one to the left of Hokkaido and one on the Sea of Japan.

Then it moves leftwards to China. One big photo is exposed onto the Chinese peninsula, and two photos are slid on, one over Tibet, and the other over Hong Kong. Then it moves over to India. One photo is exposed onto the country, and three photos are slid on. One near the Afghan-Pakistan border, another near Ahmedabad, and the final one above Sri Lanka.

Then it moves up to the Middle East, where the cities quickly scan on, and only one photo is exposed to the tiles.

Then it zooms onto the Israeli peninsula. One photo is slid onto Cyprus, and a bigger one is exposed onto the tiles. The camera then bounces off, then moves down to South Africa, where one photo is exposed onto the tiles, and two more are slid on.

It then moves over to Southern WA, where one big photo is exposed onto the tiles, and one wide photo is slid on to the Perth area. Then it bounces over to Tasmania, where two photos, one in the Bight and another over Tasmania are slid on. It soon moves up to New South Wales, where a big photo is exposed onto the peninsula, and two smaller ones are slid on as well. The camera then moves over to the Western side of the US. A big photo is exposed on, then three more photos are slid on vertically on the coast.

The camera then moves over to the Eastern side, where, same as the western side minus one sliding picture, has one photo exposed onto the tiles, and two more slid on.

It then moves to Eastern Europe and Russia, where one photo is screened onto European Russia, and sliding graphics are slid onto Eastern Europe. Five seconds later, the camera tilts downwards and heads to Western Europe, where one picture is exposed onto the Central peninsula, and two separate photos are slid on, one onto Belgium, and the other onto South-Eastern France.

The camera then tilts sideways and moves over to Alaska, where it starts moving east, whilst cities are rapidly scanning. The camera continues its path like this until it finally stops on Australia, where it tilts back to normal, and all the tiles slide off, and a big ABC NEWS 24 super slides in front of the camera.

Version 2 follows the same concept as Version 1, except it has short clips of reporters reporting from a different part of the world.

Below are some pictures of the idents used. I could not find 2010-2012 Version 1 , both 2015-2016 versions or Version 2 of 2016-2017. I’ve given you guys a headstart by posting the 2010-2012 version 2. If any of you find any recordings of these idents, post them here.

2010-2012 Version 2:





Does anyone have any caps of the other versions? If you do, please post them here please.

HELLO? Anyone home? Any caps?


Here are two versions of the ident:

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