ABC New Year's Eve Coverage

Discussion of ABC’s New Year’s Eve coverage here.

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The New Year’s Eve 2015 broadcast starts on Thursday December 31 at 8.30pm on ABC TV*

Rundown Highlights (exact times subject to change):
8.30pm ABC Children’s NYE
9.00pm Family Fireworks
9.30pm The 2015 Pub Quiz
11:00pm Nationwide Concert from The Falls Festivals
12:00am Sydney Midnight Fireworks

*ABC TV broadcast delayed to local times.

surely it can’t be as awful as last years?

My guess is that it probably will be. I can’t believe they’re bringing back The Pub Quiz for 2015…that was one of last year’s lowlights! :worried:

I’m definitely hoping for less glitches with the feed this year, that’s for sure!

Surely ABC have learnt from previously right? Or are they just like the politicians and always get worse as they age?

I’m fully expecting this year’s to be just as bad as last year’s to be honest. Alan Kohler’s wrap-up of the year segment was pretty much the only highlight for me on last year’s NYE.

[quote=“SydneyCityTV, post:3, topic:381”]I can’t believe they’re bringing back The Pub Quiz for 2015…that was one of last year’s lowlights! :worried:
[/quote]Same here. I was hoping that part of last year’s broadcast wouldn’t make a return to this year’s…

I agree.

Alan Kohler’s “New Years Eve Wrap” in the style of an ABC News Finance segment was alright, but all of the other comedy failed to hit the mark in last year’s coverage. At least (from memory) NYE 2013-14 had bits from the Chaser, Shaun Micallef and the sketch with Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb to liven things up somewhat.

TBH, I’d personally prefer it if the ABC just showed the NYE Fireworks at 9pm and midnight and aired a “Rage: Year In Review” show looking back at the year in music or something like that in between.


Agree too. The coverage on ABC is too long. A Rage Special ARIA Year in Review will be better than a Pub Quiz.

My schedule for NYE2016 (assuming ABC still has the rights)
8:30pm-9;00pm Welcome/Children’s NYE
9:00pm-9:15pm Family Fireworks
9:15pm-11:20pm Rage Special: ARIA Countdown Year in Review
11:20pm-12:40am Midnight Fireworks.

Last year’s show was the worst New Year’s Eve show ever. They even crossed to Perth in broad daylight in a pre-recorded segment at Cottesloe Beach just before the Midnight Fireworks from my memory.

This will be the last year of ABC’s NYE coverage if they couldn’t get it right. It will be handed over to 9 for NYE2016 and beyond. Would’ve preferred 9 to host this year’s display as we will see the fireworks on 9HD in native HD.


[quote=“BigVic, post:7, topic:381”]Would’ve preferred 9 to host this year’s display as we will see the fireworks on 9HD in native HD.[/quote]That’s one reason why I’m secretly hoping (I know probably shouldn’t! :yum:) that ABC’s coverage is pretty average again this year and that Nine can broadcast them again from next year on 9HD. :grin:

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That kiddies skit with the ABC puppets was painful to watch but at least they’ve gone to a musical performance with Sheppard.


The sooner ABC lose the rights the better. Nine would’ve done a better job with fireworks in HD on 9HD


Can I ask why an assumption is being made that if the ABC doesn’t air the NYE fireworks in 2016, Nine will have the rights?

You would assume that like any other tender process, it will be the network that pays the most and/or delivers a coverage plan that the firework organizing committee likes the most who’ll get the rights. Nine doesn’t have some ‘automatic’ right or privilege to be the rights holders…

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Half way through and News Corp is already complaining about the ABC’s coverage of the New Years Eve fireworks. I’m incredibly shocked…not really! :stuck_out_tongue:

For those who want a good laugh:

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Bagging the ABC is standard practice for NewsCorp. The ABC just need to give up on the weak skits and just do links between musical acts.

The Pub Quiz is brilliant. They’ve improved it on last year with much tighter editing and is even better.


Network Ten had it for a number of years btw the mid to late-2000s.

I remember hosts such as Kim Watkins, Fuzzy (from Video Hits, Andrew G (now Osher), etc.

Stellar job. Followed by special edition Late News.

ABC’s coverage is pretty primacy and unknown I guess.

Obviously forgotten the controversy in 2006 when Matthew Newton appeared on the The Big Night In with John Foreman during the New Years Eve coverage where he “engaged in simulated sex acts and other suggestive activity as well as bad language”. Ten received criticism from outraged viewers who complained the show was “sub-standard coverage” and “the worst ever”.

I think it’s because of that controversy (even though as we all know, The Big Night In was a separate show from the proper fireworks coverage) that Sydney’s NYE Fireworks coverage has primarily been pre-produced by The City of Sydney from 2009 onwards.

Ten learnt from their mistakes from that year and did a stellar job from NYE 2007 and NYE 2008. Nine should’ve got the rights when it went to tender at the beginning of the year. How did ABC managed to get the rights again?!?

^ You’ve got a selective memory too. Nine got slammed for their coverage, most memorably for a cringeworthy Richard Wilkins.

I’m pretty sure Nine chose to give up on doing New Year’s Eve coverage and that’s why it went to the ABC. I really don’t think they’d want to do it again, to be honest, unless there was a financial enticement.

I really don’t get the hate for ABC NYE coverage. Their having a crack at live television. I flicked over to 7 for the countdown and fireworks and that not anything better than the music and Pub Quiz of the previous hour or so on ABC. Didn’t see the first couple of hours, watched the cricket instead.

That was satire. The joke was it was prerecorded.

I don’t understand the hate either. I was watching the ABC tonight from about 2130 and found it acceptable. Their was minor glitches during the fireworks and live (well, recorded here in QLD) crosses but no worse than any other network experiences during such events.

They were the only channel in QLD to broadcast the fireworks at midnight. Was at work earlier in the evening so didn’t see if the local stations broadcast the early Brisbane fireworks.