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Landscape architect Costa Georgiadis has been announced as the “sunny” artistic muse of this year’s Bradley art competition.

The art competition is hosted by ABC Radio Brisbane and invites submissions from members of the public.

Dubbed “photosynthesis in human form”, Georgiadis will be the muse for artists across Australia as they try to capture the likeness of the beloved Gardening Australia presenter.


Speaking of ABC Radio Brisbane - they have announced that Spencer Howson will return to fill-in on Afternoons next week, while Kat Feeney takes a break.

Additionally Ellen Fanning will be filling in on Breakfast, with Cathie Schnitzerling on Mornings.


Monday June 24 - Friday June 28

Spence Denny will be filling in for Sonya Feldholf and Jules Schiller on Breakfast in Adelaide. Saturday Breakfast presenter Deb Tribe will be filling in for Spence on SA Sunday Mornings.

With Ellen heading back to Brisbane, Hamish Macdonald will be filling in for Sarah Macdonald.

In Victoria, Stephanie Kabanyana Kanyandekwe (ABC Classic) will be filling in for Trevor Chappell on Afternoons.

In Perth, Christian Horgan will be filling in for Mark Gibson on Breakfast, while Damian Smith will be filling in for Nadia Mitsopoulos, and Amber Cunningham (Perth Saturday Breakfast) will be filling in for Michael Tetlowon on Afternoons.


Justin Smith covering for Raf Epstein on ABC Radio Melbourne mornings next week.


Melbourne Updates:
Breakfast with Brigitte Duclos and Dave O’Neil (Filling in for Sammy J)
VIC Conversation Hour with Kirsten Diprose (Filling in for Richelle Hunt)
Drive with Charlie Pickering (Filling in for Ali Moore)
Evenings with Sally Cockburn (Filling in for David Astle)


Vile comments from Lattouf. Once again she exposes herself for what she is and demonstrates why she cannot hold down a job.

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Could you share the comments?

Sacked ABC presenter Antoinette Lattouf slammed over ‘offensive and tacky’ comments about broadcaster’s audience


Nice to see Sally returning to host a radio show. It will be a big test for her doing four nights a week; when she worked for 3AW she only presented once a week (on Sunday evenings).


Probably has worked (or works) behind the scenes as a producer, so would be use to working four days.

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Wow, decent and newsy person on breakfast, been a very long time for ABC Bris

Excellent editorial by Erin Molan, what a talent, she knew what and how to say, succinctly and successful.

Antoinette was hired by Steve Ahern of AMT/Radioinfo originally and AFTRS, surprisingly poor judgement to select her.

Whilst i get what Latouffe is saying and agree with it, there are more tactful and respectful ways of saying it caters to an older demographic.

Maybe she should work on her wordings, gave me a chuckle though

Making a joke is fine but it can be done without being crude, lazy or ignorant. I think she manages to be all three in one sentence.

She could ask Tom Gleeson for advice, he manages to make plenty of gags about the age of ABC viewers on Hard Quiz and nobody gets upset.


Presumably in an attempt to try and connect with top end listeners, the Adelaide based SA & NT evenings show will be broadcasting from Darwin next week. Doesn’t say if it will be a series of OB’s, or if they will just be in the Darwin studios.


Afternoons with Stephanie Kabanyana Kanyandekwe

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Already mentioned above

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Wow what a name!

Really interesting fill in schedule on ABC MELB. Wonder if the breakfast double header is a bit of a trial.


Is Darwin in survey?

It’s insulting lip service for the NT to lose their autonomy and have Adelaide on relay, a setback of many decades.

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