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Raf Epstein debuted as mornings host today with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews the first major guest.

The weekday schedule on ABC Melbourne this week
Breakfast: Matt Tilley
Mornings: Rafael Epstein
Conversation Hour: Bronwen O’Shea
Afternoons: Trevor Chappell (Monday-Thursday) / Jacinta Parsons and Brian Nankervis (Friday)
Drive: Ali Moore
Evenings: Casey Bennetto (Monday-Thursday) / Sirine Demachkie (Friday)
Nightlife: Rod Quinn (Monday-Thursday) / Suzanne Hill (Friday)
Overnights: Michael Pavlich (Monday-Thursday) / Tim Webster (Friday)


What’s with this Monday to Thursday nonsense? Obviously an ABC Melbourne thing as it’s news service is out of the norm too lol

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ABC Melbourne is broadcasting the AFL preliminary final (Collingwood v GWS) on analogue radio this Friday night, so for DAB and online streams it is taking national evenings at the same time.

Jacinta Parsons and Brian Nankervis have been hosting Friday Revue in early afternoons for the past three years or so.


Friday Revue as JohnsonTV said and Sammy J doesn’t do Fridays presumably due to his comedy commitments, I personally don’t have an issue with it but Charlie Pickering is such an uninspired choice.

Tamara does Sunday-Thursday on the telly, just like most evening news anchors.

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very interesting read. I had no idea what he had been up to since doing radio full time.

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most? not sure about that, a few do.
But when’s the last time she did that anyway?

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It’s pretty common in the markets that matter, and for the ABC, NSW does the same.

Tamara’s been around much, much more this year.

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is it? 9 and 7 Sydney, ABC Sydney… do any other Melbourne stations do it? It’s certainly the exception not the rule.

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Has she really?

The presenters update thread says otherwise.

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I briefly tuned into 774 in Melbourne this morning and the callers were climaxic (yes that best describes them) about Rupert stepping down. One caller exclaimed “he is pure evil”. 774 made no attempt to cut off any of the trembling callers, they were actually encouraging the character assignation.

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ABC Melbourne should get Matt Tilley and Dee Dee to host breakfast next year. They need a fresh approach to breakfast


I’ve enjoyed listening to Matt this week, but then again I don’t mind Sammy or Charlie either. Not sure a double header is the way to go, that’s when their problems began.

Also not sure if Matt would want to leave Foodbankto return permanently to radio.

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It will be a cold day in hell for the frothing at the mouth left wing 774 to offer Dee Dee a position. Dee Dee is to the right of Genghis Khan. It will never happen!

A couple of ABC Brisbane items:

Firstly - the Breakfast team have announced they will be broadcasting from the Melbourne studios on Friday morning in the lead-up to the AFL Grand Final which features the Brisbane Lions. ABC Brisbane will also air coverage of the AFL Grand Final Parade on Friday morning as well.

And secondly, the station will be doing a series of pop-up outside broadcasts in the Moreton Bay region across the month of October, starting October 3rd.


I appreciate the effort Bris is going to @glen2006, however I fear it’s all in vain.

There’s little benefit of investing in marketing when the product isn’t right and on ‘612’ (as referred to by many) content isn’t right.

Great talent yet poor content.


Remember when Nightlife was a great show with a smooth, articulate and intelligent host in Tony Delroy?

Down the toilet since he ‘retired’.

Tonight’s fill in host is Bern Young from the Gold Coast who presides over a 4% share many surveys in her day job. Now Nightlife is fast deep into a being the armpit of intelligence.


One of the two great days of the year for Macca lovers today and I listened to two minutes worth straight after the 7am news and he didn’t disappoint. Yet again, he’s so salty about daylight saving and bitches and moans about it at every single opportunity… or creates opportunities to be able to do it. In the two minutes I listened he read an excerpt from some book to obviously provide factual information and a balanced argument about DLS (except it was from the 90’s and completely outdated and also wrong) and then made a number of other asides about it too.

This guy just has to go - every week it’s always just calls and letters about how much people all love him just to keep feeding an ego and to seemingly justify his position. I love the idea of Australia All Over and I think it’s perfect for Sunday morning but it needs a new host and to be brought into this century.