ABC Family - Programs and Schedules (formerly ABC TV Plus)

My first impressions is that I think they should have definitely added a new linear channel for Teenagers aka ABC Big Kids since the family concept is fine but I feel most teenagers or young adults won’t watch that it’s more for grades 1 to 6 and even if it’s on ABC iView / YouTube I still feel it’s nice to have a linear channel
I feel family, entertain, kids and big kids can definitely all co exist alongside each other as linear channels
Meaning ABC Big Kids could be targeted towards 13+

Sorry to be negative since it’s still really early into the channels life but that’s what I feel
I feel it would make it slightly easier for the staff who schedule the programming

But having said so that having family and kids on one channel absolutely makes sense I just wished they also added another channel just for the older kids
(It’s on iView as big kids already so I think they know there is some sort of demand for it)

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Easy to say but they do not have funding for an extra channel.

I agree it’s stupid to give up on the teenage viewers because many of them are watching on iView. They should have just left teen programming on ABC Entertains in the afternoons. It’s not like they’re going to attract more adult viewers in the afternoons when those people are likely at work or busy, while teens are available.


Agreed. Wouldn’t they have some sort of budget in reserve though?

What do you mean?

The ABC is allocated a certain amount every year and they have to use those funds for everything they do: TV, Radio, Online etc. There’s no left over money just sitting around for a new channel.

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I would think they would have a set budget for new channels or existing channels

However could they merge some radio channels to make up the difference?
(I don’t know anything about it but that’s just a idea)

Although it most likely would not be that good if they did do that due to radio serving local communities

What about if they put ABC Big Kids on ABC iView then as a digital only channel like the BBC did kind of like the fast channels but a permanent one with its own branding on its own page. (So adding a permanent and channel stream on abc iview for it and keep the current page too)

I feel that would then solve the funding constraints and also provide a channel for teenagers and young adults

If it’s exclusive to streaming why would you choose a “channel” over picking the show you want?

More brand identity and also provides teenagers a place to watch shows at a more set time if that’s what they prefer

I know from my own teenage years I always found abc iview too overwhelming and most often I would discover new shows just by watching ABC 3 most afternoons it also gave me a reason to come back and watch

There’s just something nice about having a dedicated channel instead of staring at a streaming web page in my opinion

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I have to say after watching ABC Family for a while I’m actually quite impressed with how they have scheduled the programs they haven’t just flat out put young kid programs on which is really good to see and instead have put a variety of shows on according to the time slot

On a honest note Style it out is actually quite a interesting show too

ABC Family opens


Is the same VO actor used for ABC ME, family and kids voiceovers? It sounds like the same lady

Probably the same person - when ABC TV Plus started they got the same people from ABC Comedy to do the V/O’s - probably easier to use the same people than find new people, or at least wait until existing contracts end.

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Ginger and the Vegesaurs


Monday 24 June 8.10am

Follow Ginger, a young Tricarrotops, and her trio of baby Pea-Rexes as they throw themselves into further adventure in the rich and colourful Vegesaur Valley.

Season 3 will continue the wonder-filled adventures and friendship of Ginger, a young Tricarrotops, and the cheeky trio of baby Pea-Rexes as they explore the vastness of the rich and colourful Vegesaur Valley.

Ever curious with an unwavering appetite for fun, their journeys across the seasons will reveal imaginative new worlds and wondrous creatures that share their natural world.

They’ll meet the giant but timid Pumpkinsaurus during the Spooky Forest’s honeysuckle harvest and play a game of copycat with the mischievous Dragonfruitflyus.

As well as encountering new species, Ginger and the Baby Pea-Rexes will witness natural phenomenons like thermal geysers and even a crazy snowstorm, which all the Vegesaurs must brave together.

Production credit: A Cheeky Little production for the ABC. Production funding from Screen Australia, Developed and Produced in Association with Studio 100. Executive Producers: Patrick Egerton, David Webster, Gary Eck and Nick O’Sullivan. ABC Head of Children and Family: Libbie Doherty. ABC Commissioning Editor, Animation: Jo Boag.

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NEW episodes of Little J and Big Cuz are coming to ABC Kids and ABC iview on Monday 8 July!