ABC Comedy - Programs and Schedules

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Looks like ABC Comedy is now showing just two episodes of The Good Place each week now, rather than triple episodes.


They only showed three episodes in the first week.


Michael McIntyre: Happy & Glorious


Sunday 17 March at 9:10pm

The monarch of mainstream comedy is back with a record-breaking comic performance in front of a 12,000-strong audience at London’s O2 Arena.

Michael McIntyre returns to the stage to do what the he does best; make everyday life face-achingly hilarious. Happy and Glorious was recorded at the 02 where Michael headlined at the vast London venue 27 times, more than any other artist in the world. Everyday encounters are transformed into virtuoso comic routines by the funny man with floppy hair as he mines the mundane for massive belly laughs.


Catastrophe - Season 4


From Thursday 18 April at 9:45pm

We re-join the couple after Rob’s (Rob Delaney) secret relapse to alcoholism ended in a dramatic car crash and forced confession to Sharon (Sharon Horgan), while Chris (Mark Bonnar) displayed an unexpected softer side towards Rob and an altogether less soft side to Fran’s (Ashley Jensen) obnoxious new boyfriend. Now, as Rob tries to head on the straight and narrow and Sharon does her best to support, “it’s like he’s on a crusade, but to somewhere boring and we all have to come”, will the couple navigate the relentless tsunami of life’s challenges, or see their relationship finally submerged by it all? With Rob potentially not the only one on the wrong side of the law, health issues, new religious dalliances, a “briefcase of vegetables” and ever-infuriating family members to contend with, what could possibly go wrong?


Canadian comedy Schitt’s Creek, which airs here on ABC Comedy, has been renewed for a sixth and final season.