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Sing Hallelujah!


I laughed way too hard at this.


Final episode of Tonightly with Tom Ballard was last night. Very funny show, if a bit self congratulatory to wards the end.

During the opening monologue, crew started dismantling the set :slight_smile:


The cast were revelations and deserve gigs on other networks. It was a new generation comedy series, perhaps too niche and inner city with some of the content but with additional funding, cast members and tweaking it could have been much more successful. The ABC need to keep investing in comedy though.


One of the tweaks should have been giving the show an opportunity to retool as a weekly format which airs on the main channel - think that might have worked better


Don’t you think it was a bit niche for the main channel?


If only that had happened during the first episode so it could have ended that night.




We could do the traditional thing of talk about how great it was now that it’s gone… but I have to say, no matter how many times I tried to watch it and tried to laugh having some guy in a suit just yell and swear with a few occasional words thrown in there just wasn’t going to work. Now if someone like Micallef had that sort of show then it could potentially have gone somewhere.


Micallef would have done better, though I think he is better in short runs once a week. Pickering has really improved since the mediocre first season of The Weekly, and if the ABC wants a replacement show that could go on the main channel nightly at about 10:00pm, I think he would be a wise choice.


From what I saw of it, there were times that it was very niche and appealed to only a very defined group of viewers. However, I think a weekly format would have made the show be more ‘focused’ and its content more sharper in much the same way ‘Last Week Tonight’ benefits from being a once-a-week show


But if it was changed it wouldn’t be the same show. It belongs somewhere like Eleven or 9Go. Or airing after The Feed on SBS Viceland.


A “Good Morning” ident just aired at 7:50am before a lineup on ABC Kids! As far as i know, that ident is only supposed to show at literally 5am only once! But however, both the lineup and the ident had dinosaurs so that’s OK i guess.


Fresh Blood

From 20 November

The ABC is pleased to announce four exciting new pilots produced as part of series two of Fresh Blood will go to air on ABC COMEDY from November 20. In addition, all four pilots will be available on ABC iview and ABC COMEDY YouTube from Tuesday 20 November.

Fresh Blood is a ground-breaking ABC and Screen Australia initiative that seeks to uncover the next generation of Australian comedy talent. First launched in 2013, there were hundreds of entries of from all over the country that culminated in the Wham Bam Thankyou Ma’am and Fancy Boy sketch series (both co-produced with NBCU’s Seeso streaming platform (U.S.). Once again in 2017, 20 up-and-coming comedy teams were given $15,000 each to produce a 3x5 minute comedy project. This year, four of those were chosen to produce a half hour comedy pilot, with one or possibly two projects to be commissioned to make a 6-part series. Those pilots are:

KOALA MAN - ABC COMEDY Tues November 20 at 9.30pm (on iview the same day) ABC’s first adult animated comedy pilot. By day, Kevin is a divorced dad, stuck in a dull IT job at the local council. By night, clad in a koala mask, he’s a superhero clearing the streets of petty crime. He won’t stop until he’s rid the town of every last loiterer, litterer, and local kid who looks dodgy at the park. Voice Cast/ Creator/ Writer/ Director - Michael Cusack, Producer Mike Cowap.

WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS - ABC COMEDY Tues November 27 at 9.30pm (iview from Nov 20) Best friends Penny and Mia are navigating their 20s in Melbourne. Guided by their own, often deeply misguided modern day moral code they confront complex social issues in an outrage-driven world, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Creators Naomi Higgins, Humyara Mahbub, Mark Samual Bonanno, Producer Sarah Freeman, Directors Jessie Oldfield & Adam Murfet.

THE ANGUS PROJECT - ABC COMEDY Tues December 4 at 9.30pm (on iview from Nov 20) Angus, an aspiring sports journalist with cerebral palsy, employs his hopeless best friend Nina, a failing university student, to be his carer. Together they go on wild adventures and get up to no good in the regional NSW town of Bathurst. Director/Producer/Writer/Cast Nina Oyama, Cast ‘Angus’ Angus Thompson, Producer Bronte Rose Jovevski. Guest cast includes Rob Sitch ( Utopia ) and Veronica Milsom ( Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell ), and Sammy J.

BE YOUR OWN BOSS - ABC COMEDY Tues December 11 at 9.30pm (on iview from Nov 20) When the Pearl Regional Council established the “Be Your Own Boss” initiative, they offered small business owners mentorship and free rent within the Pearl Arcade. The various recipients are: husband and wife gym instructor duo Chelle and Jase; mother and son ‘uncaged’ pet shop owners Paula and Angelo; and theatre entrepreneurs Ashleigh and Ashley. Creator/Writers/Performers Cameron James and Becky Lucas, Producer Nikita Agzarian, Director Henry Stone. Guest cast includes Mel Buttle, Greta Lee Jackson.

ABC Head of Comedy Rick Kalowski said “These four outstanding pilots – as different in style as could be imagined – point to the incredible depth of new comedy talent in Australia. All four creative teams will surely enjoy great comedy careers, and ABC is thrilled to be there at their start”.

Lee Naimo, Online Investment Manager at Screen Australia said: “It’s exciting to see these teams take the next step and deliver four very strong pilot episodes that showcase the breadth of comedic talent in Australia. These projects display diversity, creativity and ambition and I hope this exposure acts as a launching pad to future opportunities in the industry for these talented teams.”

Executive Producer Nick Hayden said “The ABC has a storied history of producing risky, boundary pushing entertainment and comedy content that supports new talent. These four incredible Fresh Blood pilots continue that excellent tradition. Added bonus, they’re damn funny too!”


Had to restart my Fetch box to get the new SBS Food logo in the TV Guide. Needed to update the third version of 10 Boss too.

How come the ABC hasn’t updated its logo? It’s still shown as ABC 2 rather than ABC Comedy.


The Good Place


From Monday 7 January at 9:30: pm 3 epsiodes each Monday

From the comic genius behind Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation and Master of None Executive Producer Michael Schur comes a smart, unique new comedy about what makes a good person. The show follows Eleanor Shellstrop (Kristen Bell, Veronica Mars), an ordinary woman who enters the afterlife and, thanks to some kind of error, is sent to the Good Place instead of the Bad Place, which is definitely where she belongs. While hiding in plain sight from Michael (Ted Danson, CSI, Cheers), the wise architect of the Good Place (who doesn’t know he’s made a mistake), she’s determined to shed her old way of living and discover the awesome (or, at least, the pretty good) person within.

Starring Kristen Bell, Ted Danson, William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, Manny Jacinto, D’Arcy

Just renewed for a 4th season


In The Long Run


From Tuesday 15 January at 9:40: pm

Created by and starring Idris Elba and inspired by his own 1980s inner-city London childhood, In the Long Run is a funny, warm hearted portrait of a West African family making ends meet in Thatcher-era Britain. It’s a story about family, community and what home really means.

Walter (Idris Elba) and Agnes (Madeline Appiah) came to London from Sierra Leone 13 years ago and now live a quiet life with their son Kobna (Sammy Kamara). But when Walter’s brother, Valentine (Jimmy Akingbola), comes to stay, his exuberance and lust for life changes everything. Comedy legend Bill Bailey also stars as Walter’s neighbour and workmate, Bagpipes.


3 episodes of The Good Place each Monday sounds a bit excessive. There are 39 episodes in the first three seasons of the show, so it will only take 13 weeks to go through all three seasons. And since Netflix has first run rights in Australia, ABC Comedy won’t be able to show season 4 until sometime in 2020.


W1A series 3 started on ABC Comedy last night 10.40pm.


Sick Of It


From Wednesday 20 February at 9:50pm

Karl Pilkington, star of ratings hits The Moaning of Life and An Idiot Abroad, is back in his own scripted comedy.

Karl Pilkington has always seen the world in a different way. Now he stars in a unique comedy that serves up a double helping of Karl Pilkington – with Karl playing himself as well as the grumpy voice inside his head who appears as a doppelgänger only he can see.

Sick of It follows Karl after he loses his long-term girlfriend and finds himself living with his elderly American Auntie and working as a taxi driver. As Karl struggles to move on, get his life in order, and start dating again, the voice inside his head pops up to annoy him when he’s stressed, to criticise him when he messes up, and to dispense witty philosophy.

Who should Karl listen to? The irritable voice inside his head, his ballsy American Aunt Norma, or the other people he comes across? Perhaps he should just keep to himself. As Karl says, people are much less annoying when you don’t know them.

Sick of It captures what it’s like to be inside Karl’s head and is packed with his trademark witticisms, philosophy, and observations about the world, with equal measures of daftness, physical comedy and pathos.