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Interesting fact!: Like 9Go! the number of pages on the old 9Gem thread is the same number as the original channel number!

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I really like the new look 9GEM. The only issue I have with the look is the placement of the watermark (same deal over on 9GO!). It’s too far up the screen and should be pushed hard into the bottom right-hand corner like it was before. But apart from that I’m loving the new presentations (now if only I could receive 9HD & 9Life! :relieved:).

Couldn’t agree more. Nine were getting good with watermark size and placement, until now.

9Gem’s various new supers


Are the subtitles on 9Gem at the moment out of whack for anyone else? They seem to be for a different program.

Edit: Based on the character names mentioned in the subtitles they appear to be for The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Edit 2: Seems to be fixed for the start of Getaway. Looks like Nine might have an Ab Fab episode with the wrong subtitles.

9Gem will have the annual screening of James Bond movies, starting with the first two titles Dr No and From Russia with Love this Sunday.

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Oooo, and in glorious HD!

…oh, wait

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International Champions Cup promo

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Call and Win has started again, on 9Gem, 1:00-3:00am Friday to Sunday mornings.


I might be in a very small minority here, but I used to watch this show a bit. Its great mind-killing entertainment lol. Any idea of this will be on eXtra? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not just you. I found myself watching it late at night a few times while it was on 4ME.
I never intended to watch it, but then you kind of just get sucked in haha :joy:

There were a few occasions where I’d think I know the answer, but couldn’t bring myself to actually call and admit on TV that I was watching the show! :laughing:

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Not much has changed with the PQ. Still looks like garbage even on the 720p online 9GEM.

Yes, the picture quality is still rubbish. I wonder if it is still done from Budapest?

Oh God.

Time for some more Screen Burn!

I actually had some of the answers some of the time and wanted to ring up. But after some googling , I discovered it is so hard to actually be accepted. You need to answer some quiz questions on the phone , or something like that.

I think they only gave away $300 last night as consolation prizes for a wrong guess, no one won a major prize.

Did they wrap this up early? I thought they were up to Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough this weekend, but the Lake House is on instead.


Saturday 6 August and Sunday 7 August from 12.00pm on 9Gem

Join everyone’s favourite sweetie darlings, Patsy and Eddy, and relive all their rude and crude moments in back-to-back episodes of Absolutely Fabulous from 12.00pm this Saturday, August 6, on 9Gem.

Twenty-four years ago the world was introduced to Edina (aka Eddy), Patsy (aka Pats) and Saffron (aka Saffy) and it has never been quite the same. Eddy, played by Jennifer Saunders, “PR’d things … people, places, concepts”. She made the “fabulous” by making “crap into credible … the doll in doll-icious.”

Her partner in crime, Patsy, played by Joanna Lumley, was the blunt, forthright editor of a fashion magazine who enjoyed the high life, fashion, booze and cigarettes. She knew what was in and what wasn’t, and you just had to ask her: “Whatever I choose is cool because I am cool”.

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Just in case I am not the only person that liked Westside. I was out last night and recorded what was meant to be the final 3 episodes of Season 2. The first of the three episodes ended up being a reality show.

Looking at the TV3 website the finale was only airing in New Zealand today, does anyone know if the finale aired here just later than my recordings or had Nine made a mistake and will air it at a later date?

Not sure. 9Gem is blowing off 12 episodes of Step Dave this week. Nine must be thinking it best to finish it off during the Olympics.