9 News Now

I’ve been thinking over the last few days about the idea of what if 9 launched an online news streaming service, similar to NBC News Now & CBSN. So I present to you…9 News Now



Australia This Morning - 5am-10am AEST -With Charles Croucher & Belinda Russell

Nightly with Melissa Doyle - 6pm AEST - The channel’s main nightly bulletin

Today Express - Weekdays 3pm AEST - Inspired by NBC Today’s “Today in 30”, a 60 minute snapshot of the best stories from that day’s show. Introduced by the Today team

The Verdict - No, not the Karl disaster! The Verdict is basically Studio 10’s old hot topics for an hour. Not sure if it would be a regular panel or a rotating panel

60 Minutes Classics - Some of the best stories from the 60 Minutes Archives


Thats just a start, I will upload more but I’m keen to hear thoughts.


An idea like this makes the most sense from Nine (or maybe Seven). But they’d need an international partner like NBC News Now to fill the gaps. A digital channel carrying it, as well as on their streaming service.


Nice mock. At first I thought Nine was reintroducing the 3pm bulletin. :joy:

The logo and red line on the bottom left look a little weird


Nine is currently aligned with CNN so if they ever go down this path CNN would be a good partner for this channel.


Not sure CNN would allow their channel to be streamed for free, that’s the issue.

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I thought the same. But again, this is a mock network.


Great idea, though the word NOW has been used for their old 3pm bulletin.