Does anyone on here regularly click on to 7news.com.au?

Whenever I log on it seems like a completely different mix of stories than the broadcast bulletin.

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Different audience. Online is competing for clicks with different outlets and it’s a different medium, so how the audience responds is different.

Seven, like most news sites are playing to their audience and how the medium is used.

For the most part I like Seven News on TV but the website is full of “X shocks the internet” clickbait crap.

I’m obviously not their target audience but it is clearly working because they keep posting more. I can’t believe people actually read that garbage.

I’ll get back in my box now.



I totally agree. I’m sure it works well for social media ,but for me, it’s a nightmare for the brand. Plus there’s little content from broadcast and none from their regional newsrooms.

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We are just coming off our best year ever after our audience increased 25% YOY. According to Google Analytics, we passed one billion page views in a year for the first time. That’s a big achievement for our digital team who have a real hunger for audience growth.

Off the back of absolute rubbish content that makes the Daily Fail look tame instead of actual news. Such a great achievement :roll_eyes:


I agree. The website content is a disgrace and is a stain on the Seven News brand.

The people in charge of the website and those who publish the clickbait content should be ashamed of themselves. But sadly the numbers work in their favour so it is only going to get worse.