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It seems that 7 Queensland is played out in a different place to the 7 in the capital cities? Is prime responsible for the 7 Queensland playout?

That’s because 7mate is still in HD and in MPEG 2 format

Right at the moment 7Flix has a bit rate of 3.7Mbps and 7TWO is also 3.7. Because 7Flix is MPEG 4 it should look the better of the two but it looks a lot worse. Nothing to do with 7Mate.
Prime has nothing to do with 7QLD

No, Prime is not responsible for Seven Queensland (STQ) playout as it’s owned by Seven West Media.

I have 2 samsung tv 55in & 32 in
7 flix epg on 55in but doesn’t show on 32 in
I reset 32 in still 7flix doesn’t appear on my epg guide


B. If you have successfully tuned in SBS Food and 9Life on 94 or 84 but still can’t find 9HD on 90 (80 in NBN and WIN areas) or 7flix on 76 or Ten HD on 13 you should now check your received channel list and look for channel 78 - RACING.COM. Select and view that channel if possible.

If you can view channel 78 but cannot see 76 or 90 or 13 you need to recheck the instructions for tuning your television and try again.

C. If 78 is not on the channel list or displays as a blank screen with sound only or listed as " audio only" or “ “no video” you will find that channels 7flix and 9HD and Ten HD are the same. This means that your television is not compatible with the type of broadcast signal that these three channels use.

I have all the new channels (SBS Food and 9Life and even 10 HD) but not 76 or 78. I am presuming that there are lots of households who still own a relatively old set top box and can’t access these new channels from Seven. I think, at least in the short run, this is not beneficial to the Seven network in terms of ratings.

If you can get 10HD, you should be able to get 7flix and Racing.com – 10HD uses MPEG-4 like 7flix and Racing.com.


Concert Series segments from NBC’s Today on 7Flix. These are obviously being used by Seven as fillers between programs on this new channel.

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7qld is played out of BCM along with the rest of the 7 stations. Bandwidth for links wouldn’t be an issue as the whole bouquet of channels they transmit is the same as always, just divvied up differently.

No idea why they would carve it up differently to a metro station, unless they don’t have stat muxing working?

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Am yet to watch the channel but I most likely will tonight. Hope the quality isn’t as bad as others have said :stuck_out_tongue:Would’ve prefered it in HD though…

The EPG works fine for 7flix on the Samsung 32 here in Randwick NSW. Different EPG in different tvs

No EPG Data on my Humax 4Tune

EPG working here.

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When I change epg to Samsung 7flix is there
Put it back free view it is gone
Don’t have issues on my 55 in samsung

7flix is included in the signpost shown during MKR tonight.

It works ere. My Samsung 32 does not have Freeview EPG just the pain one

Looks alright on my tele.

Not on Foxtel so won’t bother with it at this stage, the PQ is acting like streaming where it can look good then it looks terrible. The audio doesn’t sound quite right. With HD main channels and foxtel HD why would I waste time watching 7flix. Least make it look half decent even the MTV music channels look better. Maybe they should’ve launched 7HD today then a more steady bitrate could be used but nope they don’t wanna announce 7HD and instead keep MPEG 2 HD . No wonder back in the old media spy days they were known as channel 4:3

Noticed quite a few complaints on Facebook from viewers not receiving audio. Odd because I thought the leading complaint would be lack of video due to old equipment. Not looking good for Seven.

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