600 MHz TV Band Clearance

So the Commonwealth have released their Media Reform Greenpaper and the Broadcasters and Telco’s responses have been published:


Television has been removed from the 600Mhz band in the USA and 600Mhz 5G mobile services are being rolled out across the nation. Aussie telco’s want that to happen here but the local broadcasters see it as not being in their interests.

Is it inevitable here in Australia and what is it going to look like?

Has it already started here with the last community TV about to be evicted from their spectrum?

5 DVB-T MUX’s going to 3 DVB-T or possibly 2 DVB-T2?

Just because they are doing it in the USA should we do it here?

If they are going to do a 600Mhz clearance why not do 500Mhz at the same time?

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