60 Minutes

Is this the story that they were unable to show a while ago?

That was rushed to air on Thursday 6 June. This looks like a repeat of that or an update.


I think this is a follow-up report to the June episode.

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Plus another follow-up to Adele Ferguson’s story on cosmetic surgery industry.

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It’s not really “a new truth”. She’s been Danielle for a while now hasn’t she?

Preview of Danielle Laidley interview:


This Sunday’s episode will feature an exclusive interview with Britney Spears’ ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Also this Sunday:

Nine slammed for ‘disgusting’ celeb interview:


It’s a news article, probably just based on Twitter/Facebook posts lol

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Another joint investigation into surgical procedures.

Updated for Sunday

Synopsis for the 60 Minutes special

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has caused great sadness around the world. Her 70 years of devoted duty guarantees she will be remembered as one of the most admired women who has ever lived. The end of her reign, however, inevitably means there must be a new monarch. In a special episode of 60 Minutes, Tara Brown profiles King Charles III, the man who has spent his entire life preparing for the role he has now inherited. But while his commitment to public service is unquestioned, Charles is also a controversial and at times divisive figure. So, does he have what it takes to be King?

Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Amelia Ballinger, Sammi Taylor, Renée Hudson

It’s about time we hit the snooze button on that ticking 60 Minutes clock.

Decline of Aussie TV’s once-powerful icon:


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The promo for this is quite good.

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Amelia Adams presenting from Buckingham Palace for 60 mins.
Her first presenting


Pre-empted story is back this week

Also this week

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Have they got an interview with the King?

The “new-look Royal Family”? That sounds like a disrespectful way of saying the Queen is gone.