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thanks for this. I wonder if this is the owl theory I read about and then saw in the HBO max version of the staircase. i have seen the original documentary and the HBO Max version


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Joel Tozer is finishing as a 60 Minutes producer soon to join ABC’s 7.30, according to 7.30 host Sarah Ferguson.


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Why do you say that?

Because he thinks he’s funny.

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It’s not only strange, but also very worrying. The isolation and anxiety we endured because of COVID is having a lasting and unwanted effect on an increasing number of teenage girls all over the world, including Australia. It appears to have given them a kind of Tourette’s Syndrome. They have developed uncontrollable tics. Doctors don’t yet understand why this is happening, but they do recognise it is a very real mental health condition. And as Sarah Abo discovers, even more bizarrely, it seems that popular TikTok videos are playing an intriguing role in this new syndrome.
Reporter: Sarah Abo
Producers: Garry McNab, Sammi Taylor

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Sorry, I didn’t watch the promo with audio.

Amelia Adams will be joining 60 Minutes as a full time reporter later this year.


Is she “leaving” Nine News then?

9News Senior Correspondent Amelia Adams to join 60 Minutes


Award-winning Senior Correspondent Amelia Adams will join 60 Minutes as a full time reporter later this year.

Amelia has been a journalist for more than 20 years. This year she celebrated 13 years at the 9Network, the last four as Nine’s Senior International Correspondent in Europe and North America.

Amelia’s live reporting from the US Capitol during the January 6 insurrection saw her win two Kennedy Awards and a Walkley nomination. She has also reported from war zones in Ukraine and Iraq.

Amelia covered the volatile final year of Donald Trump’s presidency and led the 9News coverage of the unprecedented 2020 presidential election. She reported from the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests and the ‘Make America Great Again’ rallies.

She was Nine’s London based Europe and Middle East Correspondent, reporting on Brexit, the fall of Theresa May and the 2019 UK election. In the Middle East, she covered the Turkish incursion into Syria and the US assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. She has reported directly from crisis zones around the world including the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the Christchurch earthquake.

Amelia Adams said:

“I grew up admiring the greats of Australian journalism telling extraordinary stories on 60 minutes. I’ve been privileged to learn from many of them during my years on the road, and am absolutely thrilled to be joining the team.”

Kirsty Thomson, Executive Producer of 60 Minutes said:

“I am thrilled Amelia is joining the team at 60 Minutes. Amelia is a formidable journalist and fearless correspondent. Her work in Ukraine earlier this year was a standout, as impactful and unforgettable as her extraordinary reporting from the US Capitol building during the January 6 insurrection last year. I look forward to Amelia continuing her amazing career at Australia’s most loved and most watched current affairs program”.

Darren Wick, National Director of News and Current Affairs at Nine said:

‘It’s been a privilege to watch Amelia’s progression at Nine, from her reporting in the Sydney newsroom to her award-winning coverage as a correspondent in many of the world’s hotspots. She’s an incredibly talented and driven reporter and has earned her place on 60 Minutes, alongside the country’s best journalists.”

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Also this week:

When it comes to hospital care, many Australians believe going “private” easily beats going “public”. But now it might be time to think again. In a 60 MINUTES special report, the Today show’s Christine Ahern investigates the tragic case of 37-year-old Annie Moylan. She was 18 weeks pregnant with her second child when she developed a fever and went to the emergency department of a private hospital in Melbourne for treatment. The hospital was brand new, so she thought she’d receive the best care. But the series of terrible mistakes and failures that happened next was appalling. Annie didn’t get better – she and her unborn child died.

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How old is the 60minutes interview with Olivia? Looks pre- her final reoccurrence of cancer.

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Karl did two 60 Minutes interviews with Olivia. The first was in September 2016 and the second in September 2017. This looks to be mostly from the 2016 piece. I think the second interview focused on the recurrence of the cancer.

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Thanks. Yes I could see that as the show went on.

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