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in the past I did mock attempts using extremely old 3d software called Bryce 3d which was probably discontinued and I am in search for better 3d software alternatives Would 3d studio max fit the bill or would maya do the job fine? A few years ago I did a course on maya and found it to be a powerful 3d animation package and I’m wondering if 3d max studio would do a similar job or do things in a different way? I have heard of blender and daz studio. Should I give 3d max studio a go and try despite the hefty price tag? any comments are greatly welcomed.

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I use Blender myself for actual virtual sets, but I’ve seen others on here use Sketchup with Indigo render and getting quite good results with that. You could also try doing stuff with the latest Unreal Engine. I know some companies are building virtual sets in that and using it in live situations with camera tracking and stuff. Real-time rendering is getting as good as, if not better, than what you get out of 3D rendering packages (I’m considering trying that).

As I speak I’m downloading the unreal engine latest version. I’m giving both blender and the unreal engine a try With blender the learning curve Is steep to start with so more practice is requited with blender I’ve never used unreal engine before and I’m curious to see if I could use unreal engine as a replacement to the outdated Bryce. I’m not saying it’s in the same league but I’m interested to see what unreal engine has to offer Thanks for the suggestion.

I hope it works out. I haven’t yet tried Unreal Engine, but that’s next on my list. I’m tired of the long rendering times with normal 3D packages.

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