2CH 1170 Sydney


According to this article on their 2CH website, they have removed “Easy Classics” from their logo.

Not sure if this is a permanent fixture, as it means the logo no longer features 1170AM or DAB+.



2CH website still has easy classics on it still


Get the Classic Hits back on Melbourne Radio by Signing: https://www.change.org/p/pacific-star-network-radio-2ch-pty-ltd-to-buy-50-of-1377-sen-from-crocmedia-and-revive-3mp/share_for_starters?just_created=true


Seriously it’s just not going to happen a classic Hits station in Melbourne I live in Dunedin, New-zealand with a choice of over 13 + Fm commercial stations but me I prefer online radio more choice


Especially now that Triple M is playing more classics.


Yes triple M playing more classics; smooth 91.1 an Alternative, Gold 104.3 to a lesser extent.


Yes i agree to some extent, but those still dont fill the role of a true classic hits/oldies station like 4KQ or Cruise for example. Still a big difference.


Even 2CH is “sort of” not that real classic station in my view that I like. When there was choice on the AM Band in Sydney 2UW and 2WS Hits & Memories played the real classic hits from the 60s to the 80/90s.

2CH still has that 2ch easy playlist feel to it. 2UW/2WS were more upbeat.

Today I think, in my view, 2CA in Canberra is the benchmark for classic hits in Australia (even though its forever classic). They play the most variety even though it is still a safe playlist.

Nothing wrong with 2CH, but for myself I find myself switching stations. And I understand what they are doing it, they don’t want to alienate their older audience.

Community radio plays the best variety these days.


It’s great. Except on Saturday night, which needs to be a party mix I think.


Here is an example where I feel like switching stations.

Platters - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

I guess it is a nice song but I guess it feels too old to me… I remember these sort of songs back when I was kid in grandmas car on 2ch in the 80s.


@TheStyles83 Please post this on the Melbourne threads, not relevant to 2CH.

This is their best headline:


“2CH Classic Hits and DAB+”.

They are on AM, they need to keep pushing the digital to get people to stick with it. Can be viewed as digital quality, not the tired AM stigma.

Would also drop the 1300 11 1170 number. Save money, go to a Sydney number, 9xxx 1170 is fine enough.

That’s because it’s not that era, decades on, the music has changed with ages of who is alive and at what point in their life.

Smoke gets in my ears often reading this forum!


Judging by what I heard on Monday, they’ve been heavily promoting the station as being on “1170 and in stereo on DAB” at just about every available opportunity including a number of promos specifically promoting the DAB+ service.


I think Cherie is being careful not to “chuck a MML” and lose their existing 2CH listeners. Too much change and it could be a bad thing. Hence, why I can see they’ve kept Bob Rogers to a Saturday night.

I’d expect more very gradual changes over the coming months from CH-erie & Co.

Hopefully EON has the patience and continues the investment in the station.

… if it were owned by SCA or MML there would’ve already been 7 breakfast show changes and 9 format changes …

Well done EON and 2CH. I can sense a lot of ex-2UE listeners will be switching to Chris Kearns and Tim Webster. A move that 2SM has failed to build upon.


Webster’s most entertaining segment on 2UE was music with Glenn A Baker. Remnants still exists on the internet.
Edit: Forget that, I just realised the links do not work


Overtime they might add segments like that in. Tim is a good broadcaster, I’m way outside their demo but he is engaging.


Agree. They would be silly to limit Tim to only doing 40-60 second music talk breaks.

I can see 2CH becoming what 2UE should’ve become post MML merger… that is, a hybrid tall & music station. Like vega, only a more focused music positioner.


However, good on Glenn and John for putting their own money where their mouths are and convincing OCP to stump up the lion’s share of a huge investment in 2CH. It’s great to see such an increase of investment in a long neglected licence.


Thats actually not accurate.


You don’t thinking hiring a new schedule of on air staff, Cherie and others in the office isn’t a big investment?


wrong inaccuracy… I will narrow it down for you