2CH 1170 Sydney


It has been quite some time now. Surely any clause from the sale would now be over.

MML have had ample time to get it right and have clearly failed.

The station has already introduced “more talk” to breakfast and I’m sure it will not be too different at night - especially considering the length of his show.


Yes it would be unlikely any such clause would still be I’m force, if indeed one ever existed, which I personally doubt.


I think any such clause would have been anticompetitive and illegal.


If a “no talk” clause for 2CH really existed, the Sunday Night Openline program probably would’ve been immediately cancelled after the sale. Similar deal with 2UE & Saturday Night Live if there was a “no music” clause for them.

But that didn’t happen.


I think these were preexisting shows. But I agree if it was the rule then tge shows should of changed. I think it might be an agreement under the table.


Some interesting changes at 2CH. I think that Chris Kearns Night show could gather an audience from those who don’t want to listen to structured talk back shows, sport or FM music. I did enjoy the Johnny Young show late at night though.


It’ll attract a lot of the ex-2UE Nights listeners.


Is it on air or still to begin?
Someone has to fill days before Tim begins.


Both Chris Kearns & Tim Webster will be starting in their respective timeslots on February 11.

I think Gareth McCray might be doing the odd spot of 2CH presenting in the meantime, heard him on-air the other night.


I listened to Aaron Wright’s show tonight for 45mins. He was constantly giving out the open line phone number but didn’t take a call except for one in response to a music quiz question. I’m suspecting that no one called in in response to his topics, but the chance to win a Christian music CD got at least one listener interested.


Truly a shame. One out of the whole of Sydney.


Does the NSW Council of Churches still force 2CH to air the openline program on Sunday nights? Because if they don’t, I think current station management should be looking to give that the chop.

It’s not as if the Sydney radio landscape would be without a Christian-themed Sunday night talk program if 2CH’s was to disappear, with the existence of Bill Crews on 2GB, Open House on Hope 103.2 and possibly others.


From the NSW Council of Churches constitution, 2016, on the ACNC website:

And looking at the current information statement submitted to the ACNC on 9 January 2019 they state that there will be no changes to their activities this year.



Thanks for searching and sharing this @littlegezzybear, great contribution to the discussion.

Great to know that there’s approx 6.5hrs to fill on a Sunday.

I did hear some of this being broadcast after 8am on a Sunday a couple of weeks ago.


2CH have stopped taking the shorter Pre-Recorded Macquarie National News Bulletin and has been replaced by the full length 2GB Macquarie National News Bulletin.


If 2CH continues to fall in the ratings, the Odds on for a Flip to Christian Talk could be On the Cards.


Do you honestly think so


2CH’s new slogan could be:

  • Pure God
  • Classic Christ
  • More Music More Redemption
  • Triple Your Royal Commissions
  • Sydney’s Easy Place to Forgive


Or, considering the recent history of 2CH,

“The Sacrificial Lamb”


“1170 2CH…We’ll Touch You”

Oh wait…:rofl: