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I know this has been said before but with the move to a broader “Classic Hits” format, hopefully 2CH will eventually introduce into their schedule the type of upbeat Saturday night music program (heck, perhaps even try and get Pete Graham to present it if he’s available) the Sydney market has been missing since the Easter 2018 demise of “Saturday Night Live” on 954AM.

The recently retired (at least from his weekday morning program) Bob Rogers is a Sydney radio legend and has enjoyed a media career which is obviously to be respected, but I really hope that incredibly outdated “Reminiscing” program is retired soon if it isn’t already!


I agree, though he did work at 2ch before and left for some reason to join 2ue.


Listening at the moment and it is still saying Easy Classics 2CH


Surely they could do Bob’s show 7-9pm and Pete Graham 9-midnight Saturdays?


Put Bob on Midday-1:00pm, and give Pete Graham 6:00pm-Midnight - that’s if he wants a job.


It’s a wonder why ARN don’t do a decent Saturday Night “Live” ie a music special each Saturday not just wall to wall music.


Why ? Would you listen ? Imagine Jonno Coleman or Richard Wilkins hosting… All that entertainment goss… interviews… etc… they would need to be live…plus get listeners to call in and request their songs…maybe ARN could poach Melissa Doyle… Nice to be with you tonight …


Richard Wilkins has a good voice for radio although I have only ever heard him on smooth - so I have never heard him live. Richard also has the same hairstyle as my neighbour. My neighbour is 23 years old.


When he first came to Sydney he was heard on 2UW (I think), Is he the same guy that is in the Geeks 2U commercial, or is it just my imagination.


The 2CH App is Good


Why @TheStyles83? Tell us what you think puts it in front.

2CH’s Indira featured as a grab in ABC TV news’ package on declassified cabinet documents from 96/7. Her grab was in relation to the Port Arthur massacre.


Most likely because Indira Naidoo was at the ABC back in 1996 and presented a 7pm bulletin that night and/or some of the coverage?

With most of the other stations on Sydney AM radio focusing on news and/or sports to some degree, I think it’d be in the best interests for 2CH to retain either a music format (while retaining a point of difference from all FM stations) or a hybrid music/lifestyle format which is less advertorial and more focused on life in Sydney.

Better yet would be the phasing out of all religious/NSW Council of Churches content and/or 2CH eventually re-gaining an independent newsroom (post-2UE closure and Nine/Fairfax merger, it’d be a great thing for commercial media diversity in Sydney), but unfortunately neither is likely to happen now or at anytime in the foreseeable future.


Correct, it was a good snapshot of her versatile career.

Agree, retain but target the right audience.

News room can follow once profitability returns.


With recent surveys suggesting that an increasing majority of 2CH’s audience is 65 and over, they’ve probably got to start thinking about more ideas which can get the current 55-64 and even 40-55 demographics listening to the station.

They’ve been moving in the right direction as far as on-air talent has been concerned but I think 2CH airing more classic hits (especially those the FM stations won’t touch these days) would be even better, even if that means playing tracks which aren’t strictly in the station’s traditional “Easy Listening” format.

Yeah, fair enough.

To the list of things that should be left until profitability returns to 2CH (and this is one I would say shouldn’t even be thought about until/unless a newsroom is re-established) is the idea of additional DAB+ only stations, as hinted at when Cherie Romano was appointed as General Manager back in September.


Agree @SydneyCityTV, targeting music popular to a slightly younger audience that isn’t widely heard elsewhere would be a start.

The refresh of the talent was well overdue. Great to see experienced broadcasters in the line up.

Unless those sampling the digital stations can add to the audience or remind the audience to come across to 2CH, should that be their priority? As seen with Classic Rock Radio, ‘formats in a box’ are very low cost.


The idea of 2CH providing additional digital stations has its merits, but I’d only say “Sure, go for it” if they can manage to sell advertising and/or syndicate them to other markets.

For now though, I personally think continuing to improve the output of the main 2CH station (including a continued emphasis on DAB+ and streaming in all promotion/branding) should be their top priority.


And removing the staid religious content from DAB+ and streaming while leaving it on AM, if they can. As I have speculated before, the original deal between Singleton and the NSW Council of Churches was done in 1994 before internet streaming and digital radio. As the stream and DAB+ channel are different services, why can’t 2CH simply run other content on those services on Sundays?


I would rather 2ch to stick to one DAB channel. The sound quality is awesome. Today with the extra DAB channels other networks have , I don’t like to listen due to (mostly) the poor sound quality.


While I completely agree that it’d be better from a sound quality perspective if 2CH stuck to only one audio stream on DAB+, additional stations on digital radio are being seen as a “must have” by just about all major radio broadcasters (even if in the case of MRN, the “NTS” station is almost a case of having a DAB+ only station for the sake of it) so I don’t see why EON Broadcasting would be a major exception to the rule once 2CH becomes profitable again.

Also, let’s not forget that EON owns stations up on the Sunshine Coast. If/when that market ever gets DAB+ it would be reasonable for the company to want to broadcast digital only stations along with Mix FM and Sea FM.