2CH 1170 Sydney


I’ve listened to them all for fifty plus years and I have never noticed any difference in the reception of 2GB, 2UE, 2KY, 2CH and 2SM.


Why? Knowing SRN/BOG, they’d probably just run their “FM network” format (excluding the syndicated Kate, Tim & Marty + Kyle & Jackie O programs for obvious reasons) on one frequency and the existing 2SM programming on the other.

Although 2CH isn’t perfect the way it is now, I personally don’t think a 2CH/2SM duopoly would be in the best interests of Sydneysiders.

In the overall grand scheme of things, probably not because both stations have their AM transmitter sites at Homebush.

2CH might get slightly better coverage in marginal reception areas, but there’s no discernible difference between the 1170AM signal and that of 2SM on 1269AM in this location (admittedly, one that’s relatively close to the Homebush transmitters).


2gb and 2ue are definitely better than 2sm from a coverage area prospective. 2ch not so sure. Our friends in Newcastle will be able to confirm.


I’ve found 2SM’s signal to be the weakest of the Sydney (Homebush) stations when DXing from further afield.


I haven’t lived in Sydney since 1999 but I do recall thinking 2SM sounded weaker than the others, including 2CH. I’m sure technically it shouldn’t be (?) but I distinctly remember wondering why 2SM didn’t seem as strong at the time.


My guess would be that 2GB and 2UE have the modulation set higher then 2CH and 2SM hence why they seem they get out better


yep a little bit - when driving through the lower parts of Newcastle 1170 is stronger than 1269

I also find it more reliable on the Central Coast.


Yes, none of the Sydney commercial AM signals are great up here, 2GB is probably the best of them.


yeah nah… there A LOT of factors at play here.

but the main factor would be the sites antennas efficiency favour 873 and 954 respectively


I wouldn’t be too sure on that.

2UE (954) is on 2SM’s mast, 2UE came to that mast in 1998-9, it was built for 2SM on 1269 in the early 1980’s I think, so it’d be peak efficiency for 2SM.

2GB (873) moved onto the 2KY (1017) mast along with 2CH (1170) almost 2 years ago, modifications were done to accommodate the 2 new services, but 2GB (873) got a 1kW TX power increase to overcome the mast height (electrical wavelength) deficiency.


how do you know that?? have you worked on that site?


No not that one, have you, cause I’m happy to be corrected?

It’d be a compromised efficiency I’d imagine on that site, I doubt 2SM would’ve allowed a newcomer to their mast to have peak efficiency over them, but again happy to be corrected if that’s the case?


That’s what I meant… A LOT of factors and some that we dont know about.

I know from time with EON that the 2CH the mod levels were fine (admittedly that was a year or so)

I doubt that Scott and Aaron from MML would have changed it or allow it to be wrong…(without a good reason) and that was my point to @gordo92


Well I live in Sydney and I can hear all the AM stations just fine.

Given they’re licensed for Sydney I’d guess their transmission facilities are optimized to satisfy that.

If people in Newcastle and elsewhere can’t hear Sydney stations well, then boo hoo they’re not supposed to. :sunglasses:


Streaming (and for me, DAB) works just fine up this way too.
Though we’re not really “meant to” hear them either.


was just stating what i thought might be a factor, I have NEVER been to the 2GB site either… I only made a suggestion… and i might have been wrong for once by hey it happens in life



The Oceania Capital half year financial report shows that the financial performance of 2CH is improving. Revenue is up, and the loss isn’t as bad as last year.

Full report PDF here:


Yes but if that continues its still a loss of $1.6 million pa …which I agree is better than the $2.3 million loss in the previous year. But the station now owes them a lot more than they paid for it.


I just don’t get it.

A bunch of disconnected sentences jammed together.

Is there any thought process going on at 2CH?


Was there any mention by Laws? What day was this announced? 2SM has been uploading all recent shows.

2SM I feel sounds better further away from the site in Sydney. Perhaps it’s perception only? All similar or adjacent TX sites, so wouldn’t be much. @littlegezzybear is right.

GB is strong in Goulburn. I know of a local there who has a radio of older decades and receives reliable reception.

With the same or adjacent sites, you’d think lower freq stations should get out better if not co-channeled at night.

So they’re on a path of improvement, incrementally as it is. There’s plenty more revenue to be written it shows.

2CH was neglected by Singo, no response to the introduction of Smooth, plenty of work still to be done. Plenty of now great and formerly great stations began new eras with a slow climb upwards.